Workshop Proposal

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Please read all the fine print when filling out our form - we have tons of information there, too;) 

  • We also require a high-res image (without any lettering, and should not be white) to be used for marketing.  Please email it to with the title of your workshop in the Subject line 

  • Please request dates that are open on our Workshop calendar - if you send us dates that are not available, your proposal will not be reviewed

  • The deposit is required prior to booking the space - please VENMO @minkabrooklyn upon approval of your workshop proposal - we require written notice of cancellation at least 2-week prior to the workshop date to refund the deposit

  • Please note MINKA brooklyn do not accept Yoga related workshops - please reach out to Yoga Tribe Brooklyn on the 2FL to inquire about offering Yoga workshop.

Name *
Please give us a clear description of the workshop, including what they will experience, learn, etc. This will be uploaded to the workshop page of the site - please be sure people will get the full picture of what to expect! Please also note that there will be private sessions happening during the workshop - if your workshop produces loud noises, we might not be a good fit.
We require all workshop prices to be sliding scale in order for us to keep the workshop accessible, as well as practitioners to be able to make a living. Please, state the desired pre-registration sliding scale price. We do 60/40 split with the practitioners, with hold-date deposit of $125 for 2-3 hr workshop, and $300 for series or all-day workshop. Please, note that MINKA brooklyn will keep 40% of ticket sales or the deposit - whichever is higher. Please note that the hold-date is not refundable if you decide to cancel your workshop within two weeks of the proposed date. Please VENMO your deposit to @MINKAbrooklyn to hold your date.
Please consult our workshop calendar, and choose the date/time that is available - if you send us the dates that are not available, we will not review your proposal.
Please make sure there is no other classes scheduled 30 mins before and after your workshop!
In order for you to have a class/workshop at MINKA, you are required to meet with Aki or other senior practitioners at MINKA brooklyn to discuss about your workshop, or give a demo class.
We require the deposit in order for us to hold the date/time. Please make sure to do so to avoid delay.