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About PO-hONG


My name is Po-Hong and I'm an alchemist. I believe we all are. I believe that we can all heal, blossom and thrive in the places where we feel stuck. And I believe that miracles are the norm if we allow it. 

I am also an acupuncturist, essential oil and flower essence practitioner, energy worker, and coach. And I use my highly sensitive intuitive abilities to guide me when working with my patients and clients. My purpose is to educate, empower and guide others in their process of alchemizing their shadowy dark areas into power as well as reminding them of who they are and the beautiful light within them.

When I was a kid, the only thing I wanted to play was business woman, healer and witch. Funny how much clarity we have as children because I eventually came full circle and here I am. 

My parents and upbringing was in perfect alignment with my purpose because they instilled everything I needed for my path. My father was a Jesuit priest turned Taoist teacher. My stepfather was a Grandmaster of martial arts and a Chinese herbalist. And my mom was a leader, activist, and savvy business woman. Plus, my personal experience with ptsd, physical pain, shame and grief gave me the opportunity to do the deep transformational work I use to help guide my patients and clients.