Palm Reading analyzes 4 major areas: the heart (love), career, health and the head (mentality). It is the analysis of a person's life patterns, as imprinted by the brain. Through Palm imprints, a reading can see past events that may effect the present, and future trends based on the way a potential client leads their life now.


A Palm reading session consists of:

Palm line analysis. How do you present yourself to others? Palm lines determine a 3rd person point of view of your life based on where the lines extend to, the curvature of a line, as well as the line's quality.

Analysis of the mounts. Did you know that areas (mounts) of your hand are named after the planets? Mounts determine what's beneath the surface, and sheds light on a person's inner world. This is a personality assessment as indicated by your brain.

Moon transits and your hands. Moon cycles are a great time to work on personal struggles as indicated by the mounts of your hand. Discover what you can work on during the cycles of the moon.

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