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Modalities & Rates: 

Energy Session (60-75 min) - $100
Combined Energy / Astrology session (90 min) - $125
Woven Natal Chart & Astrology session - $325 (90 min + follow up; woven chart takes 6-8 weeks to create) 
Packages for ongoing work, sliding scale and barter are available - please contact me to discuss. 



Born and raised in Brooklyn, my curiosity for the inner workings of humans began. After studying psychology and studio art, I returned to Brooklyn and co-founded a community arts facility called the Textile Arts Center. Here, I quickly learned the significance of community and creativity in individual (and thus collective) wellbeing and transformation. I began to weave my own transpersonal and healing experiences with specific training in order to create opportunities to support others doing the same. 

At 11, I found Astrology as a connection to something larger than myself that I kept hidden in a strictly atheist household. At 30, I finally began accepting this spirituality, and found the courage to practice with others. I view astrology as an incredible tool for understanding deeper purpose and soul-driven desires over a long evolution. Together, clients and I use the natal chart as a map for observing blind-spots on the path to liberation, and as a blueprint for Being in personal truth. 

Much like this individual energetic blueprint, I use energy work (SourcePoint Therapy®) as an umbrella for connecting to source and reestablishing communication with the universal blueprint for human health. Whether in an energy session, or a combination astrology session, together we address blockages by bringing awareness to obstructed areas. Shedding light into these places, we can accept the insights that aid in taking ownership and responsibility for our lives, relationships, creativity, and health.

As a weaver, I teach in a variety of places, and also create woven mandalas for individuals based in their natal charts. I view my practice as an artform, and my art as healing, for me and those I interact with. 

After 32 years in Brooklyn, my partner Damian and I have embarked on an adventure in East Meredith, NY - stewarding land to create a space for exploring our humanity, health, and creativity. We commute each month to continue serving in NYC.