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Olivia LaBarre

Reiki, Animal Communication, Sound Therapy

Olivia LaBarre is a Reiki Master, intuitive animal communicator, dog mom, writer, editor, and founder of Reiki Healing Works. She helps people honor themselves—and the animals they love—through Reiki, sound therapy, and intuitive communication. 

Olivia’s whole life began to change rapidly when she left a 15-year career in publishing and marketing and made the decision to begin honoring herself. She quickly discovered that this path is often delightful, sometimes terrifying, and never ending—but she doesn’t want to live any other way. She’s happy that it has led her here, serving people who want to deepen their connection with themselves and with their pets. 

Olivia offers in-person and remote Reiki sessions for people (and animals upon request). She also offers Reiki in combination with tuning fork sound therapy for in-person sessions and multi-session packages for those who are looking for more than a one-time experience. She customizes each session to meet your specific needs, and she guides you to set an intention each time you work together. She also offers intuitive animal communication services to help you find out what your pets are thinking, tell them what’s on your mind, and reach a deeper understanding of them.

Olivia’s approach is down-to-earth and caring with a sense of humor. She’s happy to support you as you heal and honor yourself—and your pet. Visit the Reiki Healing Works website to book an appointment and learn more about Reiki, sound therapy, intuitive animal communication, and Olivia herself. 

Book Your Session With Olivia Here

  • Reiki Session (60 mins., $125 or $350 for a package of 3)

These sessions are deeply relaxing and healing. We'll discuss your needs and set an intention before beginning Reiki so I can customize your experience. After the Reiki, I'll answer any questions that come up.

  • Reiki + Sound Therapy Session (75 mins., $150 or $425 for package of 3)

Reiki is very powerful on it’s own, but it can be amplified with the vibration of sound. I’ll use tuning forks on and above your body during your Reiki session to deepen your healing and relaxation experience. We'll discuss your needs and set an intention before beginning the treatment so I can customize your experience. Afterward, I'll answer any questions that come up. 

  • Pet Lovers’ Package (75 mins Reiki + Remote Pet Chat, $200)

Schedule a 75-min in-person Reiki session for yourself that includes an animal oracle card drawing, and you’ll also get a remote reading for your pet. During your session we’ll not only address your needs, but we’ll also cover the questions you want me to ask your pet. You’ll get a follow-up email with a completed reading for your lil’ buddy, as well as a recap of your animal oracle message. 

Request a Pet Chat Here ($55)

Want to know what your pet is thinking? I’ll find out! Simply fill out a request form, and I’ll talk with your pet (alive or deceased) and send you the results via email. For in-person, phone, or video readings, or for Pet Reiki sessions, email

Not sure which type of session to choose, or want to know more about how you’d work together? Book a complimentary phone consultation with Olivia and she’ll be happy to help you figure it out. Looking for a sliding-scale option? Check out Minka’s Community Reiki program