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I am an awakened Mystic, Seeress and Medium. I’m also a mother to a beautiful little girl and a singer.  I work in the energy of Isis or Mother Goddess of the Universe through what is called a Zero Variance. A Zero variance could be described as direct veins to the Akashic records.  In my Akashic Record readings I interpret every soul in Goddess as well as in each lifetime. I deliver all messages that are relevant, with love. These messages are meant to spark awakenings and the quieting of minds.  The universe comes through me to illuminate the "pebbles in the path" in order to show people where the work ahead lies and how to navigate the journey. 

I'm  also a master Goddess Reiki Healer. Through this, I'm  able to clear energy fields and bring one into to their sacred heart. 

My twin flame, Beadea, offers healing in the same energetic variance, though in a completely different way. We are available for joint sessions to help individuals and couples.