The turbulent road that I traveled during childhood led me on a journey to healing, understanding, and learning about - first myself - and then others who have needed to find, embrace, and prosper within their divine purpose.  For me, there had been no better way to do this than to become a Special Education Teacher - an amazing seven-and-a-half year adventure in which I learned from my students as they learned from me.  They showed me how to express all of the  things that I already am - creative, freedom-loving, and nurturing.  

This self-discovery has been the passion that fuels the work that I do with children in my "Play & Learn Children's Workshops."  In these sessions, we engage in fun and exploratory play-based learning activities that foster creative self-expression. Through the use of Montessori-inspired and other hands-on materials, children not only gain important developmental skills such as problem-solving, sensory integration, self-esteem, and socialization, but most importantly, they experience learning as fun and therapeutic.

Shortly after leaving the public school system and after spending time as a Domestic Violence Clinician, I became a Mental Health Counselor, and for adults, children, couples, and families, I hold safe, supportive, therapeutic space, using tools and techniques which help others to gain clarity about their paths and insight into critical areas of their lives.  I would love to serve as your guide on your own journey to healing, learning and prosperity.

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