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Tarot Readings by Shaina Rae:

*Life Purpose *Love *Career & Finance

30 Minute Phone Reading - $30

30 Minute In-Person Reading - $55

60 Minute In-Person Reading – Sliding Scale $90-111

About Shaina Rae

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Shaina Rae is a singer-songwriter and intuitive tarot card reader from New York City. She combines her music and energy work to encourage others to speak their truth and follow their life’s purpose. When she’s not rocking out on stage, she works closely with other artists and creatives to get to the bottom of any roadblocks they may be experiencing within their own work.

“I’ve always felt things more deeply than everyone else around me. I couldn’t understand why any time a close friend had a personal issue, I would take it on and feel it as my own. Through music I’m able to tell stories by painting a vivid picture. Through tarot I’m able to get to the root of the story, determine the subconscious blockage, and find a solution through it. I believe that by providing people with both the emotional and realistic support, we are taking steps closer to living a more fulfilling life.”

Performing and writing music since the age of 11, Shaina decided to face these deeply felt emotions with a spiritual approach. After picking up a deck of Tarot cards, it became clear that she was a natural reader. Shaina uses her psychic abilities (clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairempathy) and intuition to interpret the tarot cards. She is known not to hold back on what she is feeling, even if that means telling her client something they may not want to hear. She has a strict no-sugar-coating policy!

Shaina is Reiki I and II attuned and can talk all day about manifestation and the law of attraction. On days she is not performing, writing, tarot card reading, or practicing reiki, she is serving the Filipino-American community. Her biggest goal in life is to empower herself and individuals around her to be the best they can be.