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For Crystal Healing, Moon will use Crystal grid to balance out your chakras and bring your energy bodies back into equilibrium.

For Reiki treatment, please wear white or light colored clothes, and eat light at least 12 hours before your session.



Shiwan "Moon" Haynes(LMT.) was born under the Cancer zodiac in Brooklyn, New York and that is just the beginning to her story. Born to a nurturing healing visionary, she only did what was only right by adding her own little twist to her mother's nurturing teachings. This cosmic experience currently bestowed upon hergifted her with inherent and innate qualities of being an intuitive, empathetic and very compassionate being. She found her heart's calling in the beautiful Southeast Asian country of Thailand.

Moon's vision during this lifetime, is for all people to "know" and "inner"-stand the power of manifestation. One thing her mother always told her as a child is Thoughts Become Things".  Now in her maturity, she fully "inner"-stands the strength behind her mothers words. She made those words her reality and started to make wonderful events manifest in her life by way of prayer, meditation and following the phases of the moon cycle. She did the spiritual and physical work needed to make her dreams come true!

Moon is a licensed massage therapist (LMT) for the State of New York.  A Certified Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Therapist,  Intuitive/Empathy Coach and Reiki Master. Moon believes that "Life" is a school and throughout it she is always on a journey to bettering herself to help others.  She knows the abundance of information, teaching and knowledge she has received over the years in many areas of her life can "not" be kept to herself!  So on her quest, she wishes to share her vast wealth of knowledge with all she comes into contact with!