The MINKA Brooklyn Work Exchange/Study program is open to members of our community who wish to collaborate with us on the day to day operations of MINKA Brooklyn, in exchange for access to our services and offerings.


The founders

MINKA was founded by group of friends, Aki, Ron, & Rebecca, each adding their own flavor to the healing pot.

We believe in community, working together and raising our children in a planet where love is the currency. When you work with us, you can expect honesty, transparency and straight forward advice. MINKA represents space for collaboration and business development, productivity promoting workshops open to the public and pure holistic magic.

Welcome. Thank you for joining us. 


Jordan Pagán - Workshop Manager

I receive all the proposals, handle logistics and scheduling, and coordinate with the facilitators. Most people's first introduction to the space is through a workshop, I’m honored to help support Minka in this way. I am also a practitioner and hold monthly Breathwork healing circles here!

What brought me to Minka was Aki! We had met at a tarot class a year before the space opened, and when Minka came into being in 2016 it felt very aligned to join and start practicing professionally. What keeps me here is, well, everything! I always say it's my favorite place in the city. I feel at home here. The space is so open, welcoming and beautiful, as is the community here. I've made some dear friendships and connections and had some of the best experiences of my life here. And I love that we co-create everything, from community days to celebrations to altars to workshops, and beyond - and everyone is welcome. Minka is a truly a collaboration and it has been such a blessing to be part of it. Pronouns: Her, She, Hers

Sunder Ashni - Community Coordinator

Spirit brought me to MINKA. I had recently returned to the country after three years living abroad as a result of losing my mother to Cancer. I was volunteering at an event and MINKA was being used for a portion of it.  They had literally just opened up their doors and I remember feeling a sense of belonging.  I connected with Aki, who I had met years ago and asked if she needed help.  And that was it.  Since then I have found in this space home, a sense of belonging in a city and a state that can sometimes feel so isolating.  I have found here, individuals with a great capacity for developing and sustaining relationships with a high level of devotion and integrity. That's why I’m here and that's why I stay.  Because this is one of the only spaces that I have found where all of me is truly welcomed and celebrated, where I have space to grow, make mistakes, shine, share and love fully. This is what I value spaces and communities that create space for us to be free to be!



Tricia Ben-Davis MINKA Work Exchange Lead

At MINKA I help lead our work exchange program and I handle correspondence, responding to general inquiries, space rental requests and applications for new members of the MINKA family. I also work along side Ashni to help coordinate community events and activities for practitioners. I am an energy healer who believes in the power of positivity, crystals, and sound. I offer both one on one and Community Reiki sessions.

My spiritual journey has lead me down many winding paths and it wasn't until I got attuned to Reiki in April 2018 that I felt like I had finally found my footing in the world. I have an obsession with personal development and living my purpose but overwork, stress and lack of self-care made it difficult for me to stay focused on what really mattered. After 7 years of climbing the wrong mountain, I came to MINKA in desperate need of clarity, compassion and community. I found all that plus more than I ever could have asked for!

I most look forward to continuing to grow as a person and practitioner so I can better serve and support the community in my corner of Brooklyn.

Melanie Monaco - Logistics, Web Design, & Marketing Support

Pronouns: She, Her



Alyssa Pimentel MINKA Grant Writer

I graduated college 2017 and although I was born and raised in the Bronx, when I came back after 4 years I was looking for community and specifically places centering alternative healing and social transformation. When I attended a MINKA event 2017 I immediately wanted to be more involved with MINKA especially since throughout college I envisioned a center similar to MINKA. What brought me to MINKA was the commitment to accessible healing both individually and in community. I was/am very appreciative of MINKA's multidimensionality and passion for growth and transformation. What keeps me at MINKA is the constant desire to grow collectively with and within communities in magically unconventional rooted ways. 

Pronouns: She, her

Malorine Mathurin - Space Caretaker

Mal was drawn to Minka after a variety of major life changes left her reeling, relying on her intuition and her inner self for answers. The feel of Minka is like no other. The people, the workshops, the rooms, the energy, it all comes together to make everyone that crosses the threshold know that they are special, that they are necessary and that they are loved. I stay at Minka because I believe in this vision; what I put into Minka, I get back threefold. Minka is a wonderful space that includes everyone without judgement, with a sense of openness and limitless understanding that will make you want to come back again and again.” 

Malorine is an intuitive astrologer and tarot reader who works and communicates with spirit to help others work through past life and present life issues, traumas and memories while guiding them towards their happiness, or dharma, in this life.

Yaya mint.jpg


Lu Rose Biltucci - Front Desk

My name is Lu Rose Biltucci, and as a non-binary trans angel boy, I use they / them / theirs pronouns. It was friendship with other Minka community members that alerted me to Minka's presence, and a desire for finding my agency for healing brought me there. While I am a newer member of the community, I feel immense gratitude for my role at Minka, and am staying with it for the constellation of possibilities that Minka holds! For me, the position of caretaker is sacred, and I am sustained on the energy that others bring to Minka. I love opening the center to buzzing activity, and witnessing the great healing work done on site.

Pronouns: They, Them, Theirs

LeMar Moore - Front Desk

I joined MINKA after attending two incredible cosmic moon meditations. It was a welcome transition out of a corporate culture that can sometimes be spiritually diminishing. My passions and practices involve helping people strengthen and expand the spirit within through life coaching, positive personal training, manifestation coaching, thought transformation, and reiki. At all times, my goal is to awaken the loving, divine and powerful GOD within you. 

Pronouns: he/him



Shaina Rae Sanchez - Front Desk

What brought you to Minka? I initially came to Minka for a monthly workshop facilitated by a Filipina-American healer. I was ecstatic to find accessible representation that I had been having difficulty finding nearly all my life. That evening,  I had no idea how much of an impact this space was going to have on my spiritual and personal growth.Why do you stay? I enjoy taking part in the Minka team because it creates an inclusive platform for people to heal and for local businesses to flourish. We especially honor and respect the lineage of the multiple healing practices that are held in this space; which I find extremely important when working with other people of color and cultures. What do you value? I hold a deep appreciation for the work that is valued here while still understanding the need for accessibility to those who want to invest in their healing but may not have all the means to do so.  The protection around our healers and this space is a strong driving force behind our community ethos and aspirations.  As both a Work Exchange member and practitioner, I feel that Minka is a safe space to both learn and grow in my holistic and spiritual work.  

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers/Herself

Jessie Dessus - Front Desk

My name is Jessie Dessus. My business is called Lightwaves. My work is to assist with balancing the energy field through the practice of Reiki, during which I often receive messages from spirits and guides. In the past, I studied a variety of bodywork modalities, but I am most drawn to energy work. I received my Reiki 1/2 attunement with Aki and Manu in Spring of 2018 and I am currently in training with the Edgar Cayce Center as a Psychic Reader and Medium.  MINKA is a highly magical and welcoming space that is inclusive and representative of the community they serve. It is a place where I have been able to strengthen my abilities as a lightworker, and where I consistently  receive genuine love and support to thrive as a practitioner. I consider it a sacred space and a well spring for all who enter. 

Gender: Non-Binary Pronouns: They/Them