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 Mia Herndon brings a strong belief, commitment and practice to transformative work as a licensed acupuncturist, somatic coach, and therapeutic body worker. Working from the premise that the body heals itself, Mia sees her role as a facilitator of that process. She supports people to heal themselves and recognize their power to do so by being an ally, educator and effective health care provider. Mia comes to this role with experience as an organizer, facilitator, and former Executive Director of the Third Wave Foundation. Mia received her Masters degree with honors from Tri-state College of Acupuncture, one of the oldest and most prominent acupuncture schools in the U.S.  Mia has a Bachelors of Arts from Columbia University with a focus on African American Studies, Gender Studies and Ecology.

At Tri-State, she trained with the world-renowned Japanese master, Kiiko Matsumoto, as well as Dr. Mark Seem, the founder of Acupuncture Physical Medicine. Mia was mentored by Timothy Aitken, a prominent Classical Chinese acupuncturist. She has trained with the Upledger Institute and Zheng Gu Tui Na for craniosacral therapy and tui na, respectively. Mia has trained with Staci Haines and Richard Strozzi-Heckler of Generative Somatics and the Strozzi Institute for somatic coaching and bodywork. Through this work, she helps people release and heal from trauma while supporting their innate leadership and power.