About Markus Winter


Markus follows the philosophy of the Persian poet Rumi: “the wound is the place where light enters you”. Our wounds, whether inherited or acquired, can show us the light at the end of a tunnel.

Markus offers energetic healing using a form of Reiki without touching. He reads your energy field and works with healing concepts from Asia, Europe, and the Americas.  During a session Markus guides you to listen to your ego, understanding its true needs; he coaches you through trauma and pain to reconnect with your inner voices. He thereby reactivates a self-healing process which instills trust and courage. 

Markus Winter was born to a German mother and a German Sinto father. At the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, he began making his own conceptual art, having been steeped in the study of philosophy and art history. Following his artistic career, Markus came to New York. Having devoted his early life to the acquisition of beautiful objects and the involvement in the curatorial and commercial aspects of art, Markus discovered in himself a yearning for spiritual as well as material stability.

As Markus explored energetic healing theories, it seemed a natural progression to share this spiritual knowledge with others. First introduced to Reiki by Brooklyn spiritual healer Alicia Boyd, Markus resolved under her influence to become a Reiki master himself. In practicing Reiki, Markus has found ways to integrate other spiritual teachings and methods into his work. Some of these methods he learned from teachers in Europe; others he has developed himself.  

Markus’s greatest teachers are his own clients. He carefully uses his own intuition to determine what special need a client is attempting to communicate. Therefore, Markus’s practice may vary from client to client; each person he encounters inspires him in a unique way.

He also offers space clearing.