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I am a coach specialized in Family Constellations for private clients and corporation, and a Reiki practitioner based in New York.


I also offer a training in Family Constellations.

I am helping you to achieve your highest potential and empowerment, in your personal, and professional lives.

Originally from Paris, I have a broad outlook and experience working with people of all backgrounds.

I studied Family Constellations at The Bert Hellinger Institute in New York, with world renowned professors Suzi Tucker and Mark Wolynn.

My background in communications and psychology, coupled with my own personal healing journey has led me to develop a unique coaching approach. 

I will guide you to embrace your true self and feel at peace with success, and fulfillment.

Family Constellations sessions can be conducted by Skype or in person (individually or in a group). Sessions can be held in English or in French.