Mariah Baretta is a Reiki Master and Shamanic Healer. She is a certified Master of Usui Reiki Ryoho, an initiate of the Toltec Shamanic Medicine Tradition and a Sound Healing expert.

Mariah began her studies in energy healing with general studies in quantum mechanics, sound and hands on healing. Through apprenticeship and certifications in numerous fields of studies she has developed original and powerful healing modalities based on the energetic disposition of each individual client. Using techniques involving Reiki, tuning forks, sound, music, shamanic journeying, crystals, intention, and working with the conscious vs. subconscious mind she is able to shift energy to open up and clear the light body and chakra system as to allow space for healing on a higher level.

Testimonials include: anxiety reduction for days to weeks after session, pain relief from migraines, cancer, and sport related injuries, clarity of mind and body, an over-all feeling of lightness, peace and relaxation, activation of sixth and seventh chakras, strengthening connection to the higher self.