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  • Freedom Reading (30mins) - $80
    • Feeling tied up, stuck? Look at blockages in the eye, trace them, and break free. 
  • Chakra Reading (30mins) - $80
    • What story are you telling your body? What does your body need to tell you? If you've been manifesting physical pain or any burden this is your reading. Diagnosis and prescriptions from your own personal healer. 

  • Love Reading (30mins) - $80
    • What's happening right now in the unstoppable muscle that is your pumping heart? Are you dating or are about to date a Karma Mate, an Ego Mate or a Soul Mate? How is this going to unfold? Get newsflash from the unknown. 
  • Mission Reading (60mins) - $130
    • Remember the details, facts and roads of your soul's mission. This is a extensive reading about where your path is taking you, and the riches that you came to share in this planet. We'll cover all aspects of your life from the point of view of your special gifts and the best way to be on the path of sharing them. 

  • Career Reading (30mins) - $80
    • What makes your heart sing? Are you creating from your passion? Passion is money...tons of it. Allow it to happen! Be. Just be and everything will follow through. 

  • The Whole Picture Reading (120mins) - $200
    • This is the reading of your life! You will dive into each one of your centers: spiritual, emotional, mental, material and sexual/creative to see whats happening right now, where this situation is coming from and what you are about to create once you realize your true feelings and desires. In this one you'll be able to ask questions, to see the bigger picture and to find out what's missing, what you need to work on, improve, let go, invite and allow to manifest or are about to manifest in your life. Get a clear vision of your actual process and where is it taking you. It's pure evolution baby! 

  • Theta Healing Meditation (60mins) - $100
  • Theta Healing Meditation+Evolutive Tarot Reading (120mins) - $150
    • This session includes theta meditation and evolutive tarot reading to identify blockage and past events that need to be healed and integrated at a cognitive level. 

  • Kabbalistic Astrology Extended Chart Reading (90mins) - $200
    • Available energy for you and resources of the universe for every specific power that you have! 

      In Kabbalah we have a whole different perspective: your chart is as the "backpack" you carry with you full of "snacks" for your journey. We see the sun as the image you have for yourself and other have of you, the ego, and the tools you came to work with to transcend the ego and get to the ascendant (rising sign) which is what you aspire to be, your truest self and mission. And the moon it's your emotional needs, the way you know love and receive and give it. Maturing your moon is realizing how to be your own mother and nourish yourself so you can attract your deepest desires from certainty and also attracting a soulmate! mapping your mission in your amazing journey. Discover and empower your tools, gifts, and unlimited resources that make you the unique recipe that you are! 

      Extended and Kabbalah also means means that you'll get all the planets, houses, asteroids and mathematical points ( Vesta, Juno, Lilith) each specific combination of those it's pretty unique and the interpretation of them will give even more light about your true power. 

      90minutes session about you and you only ❤️ 

  • The Whole Package = Basic Astro Reading + Mini Tarot Reading + Theta Meditation (120mins) - $250



I am a practitioner of the evolutive tarot of Marsella restored by Alejandro Jodorowsky, trained by his son Cristobal in this empowering journey into the unconscious.  With Cristobal, I dove into generations before me hunting for conditioning, patterns that we all carry in our present time to break free from the ones that no longer serve our life's purpose.  I had trained in meta genealogy, psycho magic and evolutive tarot for 2 years - and now, I can serve you with the empowering and revealing tool that is the evolutive tarot.  

The purpose of Evolutive Tarot: break free from the old habits and patterns, and became the powerful, true Self, so you can fulfill your unique and amazing mission on this Earth. 

I am also a practitioner of cabalistic astrology - which gives you a totally different point of view of the cosmos and the unique combination that we all carry on our charts, and mentor in manifestation meditation working with theta healing (brainwave) to upload new beliefs and manifest from that field of infinite Possibilities.  

Maria offers readings both in English or Spanish.