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PRIVATE READINGS: Astrology, Akashic Records, Tarot and IET.

Please provide the date, time and place of birth. For couple and children charts, please provide the same information. Thank you.

Contact me at - 130moonlady@gmail.com / moonladyastrology@gmail.com.

FULL ANALYSIS OF THE NATAL CHART (helpful for first time clients): 100 – 120 minutes: ($166 - $188)

  • Includes deep analysis of the entire chart, past life influences, relationships, career and family

  • One year / three years / five years/ ten years 

  • VENUS RETURN CHART (Predictive and Intuitive analysis of love and relationships for the year): 60 minutes: ($111)

  • One year / three years / five years/ ten years 

  • SATURN RETURN CHART: (Every 29 years Saturn affects our lives, how is it working in your life?): 60 minutes: ($111)

  • One year / three years / five years/ ten years 

  • COUPLE SYNASTRY: (Analysis of the positive and challenging synastry between two people, how can we improve our relationship?): 90 minutes: ($155)

  • New Born / Child Reading: (Predictive and Intuitive analysis of a new born /child’s chart. Makes a great present for new parents): 60 – 90 minutes: ($88 – $111)

  • CAREER READING: (Predictive and Intuitive Analysis of your career objectives for the next 1-3 years): 60 – 90 minutes: ($111 - $155)

  • One year / three years / five years/ ten years 

*all readings offered on sliding scale* (please inquire with Malorine)


130moonlady@gmail.com / moonladyastrology@gmail.com.

Malorine is an Intuitive and Predictive Astrologer who uses her empathetic, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities to analyse Natal charts, Solar Returns and Couples Synastry to help her clients work through issues from previous lives. While also using various divination tools, such as Tarot and Numerology, she is able to offer the client clarity and understanding in addition to a proactive plan which gets to the root of the trauma (s). Her primary objective is to discharge the karmic issues that are blocking your mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological happiness.

Malorine works in an informal, therapeutic setting so that her clients feel comfortable and free to express their truest feelings without judgement. From analyzing and meditating on your chart, Malorine is also able to provide a directive task which helps us dive deeper into certain issues. This can include: specially made tarot card spreads, meditations and healing that focuses on your particular energy; inner child work exercises; working with the shadow side; removing blockages to love and abundance as well as forgiveness exercises, to name a few.

After a series of traumatic and life changing events, Malorine was called to leave her life in the UK and return to the US - helping as many people as she could through spiritual counseling and the utilization of divine knowledge. Prior to this, she conducted immense private research of the study of astrology, numerology and tarot for over twenty years. Amongst this she is appreciative of the constantly deepening connection with her spirit guides and Caribbean ancestors and their unwavering support when conducting her readings. 

While Malorine looks at the entire natal chart she primarily uses the lesser known placements, such as: The Ascendant/Descendant, Midheaven/IC, the Lunar Nodes and the Vertex which shows deep karmic energy while asteroids such as Ceres, Chiron, Pallas Athena and Black Moon Lilith hide our shadow side.  These mostly unknown facets of our charts display our past life experiences, memories, issues and karma that has been brought over from previous lifetimes. We will work with spirit, to release you from your spiritual bondage (your karma) and gently guide you towards your own individual uniqueness, specialness and greatness in this life (your dharma). Malorine’s main goal is to help her clients to elevate and grow as spiritual beings having a human experience with compassion and kindness.