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Reiki & Intuitive Reading -  $80/60min :: 120$/90min

Tarot & Intuitive Reading - $45/30min                                                            $80/60min:: $65/ every additional hour

Reiki & Tarot - $80/60min :: 120$/90min :: $70/ every additional hour

Reiki & Guided Meditation :: 80$/60min, 120$/90min, 

Alchemist Healing Session -                                                                      Combines, Intuitive Energy Point Reading, Tarot, Reiki and Meditation                  120$/90min ::  210$/120min

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Eugene (Magic) Butler embodies the heart and brains of the magician, able to exist in two places at once. Magic has always been able to grasp large concepts and situations to pull together from the seemingly impossible. He's been on a healing journey, rising into his greatest potential as a Writer, Counselor, Facilitator and now Energy Healer. Magic is a Light Worker who uses his intuition, claire feeling and other claire senses to help facilitate the healing of others. His claire empathy and claire feeling for energy allows him to clear and transmute energy, using his hands and natural elements as powerful tools. 

Learning how to engage with a diverse range of people of different ages, cultural background and identity, Magic has learned to adapt a broad range of his skills to foster community, sharing and growth. Magic is an alchemist that combines his knowledge and skills with energy work, creative writing, facilitation and meditation to craft healing sessions. 

Growing in and out of pain, Magic knowledge of healing stems from his personal healing journey. Raised in the inner city of Syracuse New, York, Magic’s healing journey started in 8th grade as they came to terms with their queerness. Coming out at an early age, Magic dealt with anorexia, depression and anxiety, learning how to love himself, they began navigating their journey to a more stable mental state. In 2012 when Magic started college at Syracuse University, a predominately white institution, during the rise of BLM. Magic began to use performance poetry to  express, understand and come to terms with his Blackness as a cultural identity and experience in the systems of oppression that have impacted his life and environment. They began releasing and coming to terms with their past, current and generational trauma. They took that knowledge and created creative workshops that connected systems of oppression and empowerment for young people with a focus on female empowerment.

Magic is a facilitator that combines Tarot, Reiki and Guided Meditation to provide healing sessions that focus on personal development, inner child healing, self love and ego/inner critic blocks. 

Reiki (Usui)                                                                                                          Reiki translates from Japanese to ‘Universal Life Energy.’ Reiki combines high vibrational purifying energy that has its own natural intelligence. I am a facilitator of this energy. This energy works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, helping to bring us back to a balanced state of being. Reiki is great for helping break free of negative thought patterns and believes. I transmit Reiki through gentle touch and by way of the human energetic sphere as I am naturally attuned and accustomed to feeling that part of our beings. Working at that level also allows me to have conversations with the body that help bring clarity to where blockages and negative thought patterns stem from. 

Tarot Reading                                                                                                       Tarot is a wonderful tool I use alongside my facilitation skills and clear feeling awareness to hold space for my clients and conduct deep and meaningful conversations. I do not use tarot to predict the future nor will I give you the answers to the situations you're navigating. What I will do is use tarot as a snapshot that brings to light the energies at play surrounding a situation. I will help you open your mind and evaluate a situation clearly so that You can make take the best possible steps forward. Bring a pen and paper, we have work to do!

Guided Meditation                                                                                                       Let's cast a circle. I pull from my own version of magick making, working with energy, collective consciousness and universal forces at large to take space and hold space for clearing and intention setting. After I cast the circle, I begin to take my clients through a series of visual exercises that help to address some of our most common problems but are unnamed. The voices in our head that need to be heard and or turned down. My meditations focus on healing the inner child, hearing then shushing the ego and inner critic work as well as embodying our higher selves. I use color visualization to help heal energy and align energy points. These meditations are great for casting positive intentions and manifestations. 

Intuitive - Light Body Reading                                                                               In the past my sensitivity for others and being the projector of their emotions had been my biggest obstacle but through time, I have learned to harness that gift into my super power. I use my sensitivity to others to the human energy field to give readings on energy points along the 8 major energy (chakra) points. These reading help clients decipher where blockages stem from. I then offer helpful exercises to help clients become more aware of their thoughts around certain topics. We then discuss ways in which they can change their thought patterns so that their obstacles become tools in which they collaborate with to live a more productive life. 

Alchemist Healing Session                                                                                       Let me use all the tools in my tool belt to help you. In an alchemist session, I plan a 90-120min session for you using Reiki, Meditation and Tarot to help you work through a particular situation. These sessions involve journaling and developing daily ritual that you can practice in efforts to decrease negative thought patterns and behaviors. Bring a pen and paper, we have work to do!