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Reiki (Usui): Reiki translates from Japanese to ‘Universal Life Energy.’ Reiki combines high vibrational purifying energy that has its own natural intelligence. I am a facilitator of this energy. This energy works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, helping to bring us back to a balanced state of being. Reiki is great for helping break free of negative thought patterns and beliefs. I transmit Reiki through gentle touch and by way of the human energetic field. Working at that level also allows me to read your light body and provide you with insight on energetic blockages and how they may appear in your physical body.

Tarot: Tarot is an excellent tool for self development and healing. While I do not use tarot to predict the future, I do use the cards to give a energetic snapchat of types of energy is manifesting is one’s life and how situations are likely to play out based on current scenarios. You do not have to take the advice of the tarot it is a great place to start setting intentions about how to move forward in dynamic situations.

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About Magic

Eugene Butler III “Magic” is an intuitive healer. His gifts allow him to channel information through his body to offer a combination of energy healing techniques. He expresses these gifts through mudra meditation (postures, breathwork, gestures, seals and movement).

His awareness allows him to feel the subtle energy bodies of others which includes the meridian system that is interconnected with the physical body and its internal systems. Channeled body information allows him to exert the right amount of pressure to specific locations to treat specific energy imbalances which cause physical, emotional and mental distress.

Magic is also a Reiki II level healing practitioner.  

Testimonies:"You listened so patiently and calmly, and it was extremely helpful to be guided through my thought process in a compassionate way.  All of the questions were there to help me find more clarity, which is exactly what I expressed as my main intention for the work on clarity/communication" - Zoe F. 

“Magic made me feel at ease from the very beginning. His guided meditations, warmth, sincerity, and gentle touch made me feel seen and heard. He turns a regular room into a blessed safe space. The wisdom and knowledge he shares is authentic and genuine. I loved the different elements he brought and used on my session. The energy felt was uplifting, grounding, and tremendously clearing. I look forward to the next session with Magic. A true angel.” - Maria D.

“I came into work with such a heavy feeling on my heart. It was as if all this built up energy was burdening my soul, and I couldn’t help but feel the urge to scream. When I confided in Magic my feelings, he immediately came to my aid. After taking a moment, he blessed some salt and rose pedals and instructed me to wash my hands with the mixture. The moment I held the salt in my hands, I was overwhelmed with peace; I felt comforted, loved. The chaotic energy started to immediately release from my heart" - Alexis B,