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Book your session with MAGGIE

Please contact Maggie at to book your session. 

  • Life Activation: 1.5 Hours- $250

A truly life-changing session that activates your Spiritual DNA and clears your path to allow you a more true expression of your purpose leading to more light and joy in your life!

  • Full Spirit Activation: 1.5 Hours- $250

The second part of the Life Activation, this session helps you align even more to your unique purpose and to living in joy while working on healing the mind and the brain.

  • Aura Healing: 1 Hour- $150

A session to balance the aura and help to repair rips and tears that occur from traumas or toxins such as drugs and alcohol. Rips in the aura can allow more of your energy to escape and unwanted energy in.

  • Egyptian Aura Healing 2.5 Hours: $250

An incredible ritual session which realigns and heals all seven layers of your aura working with the Egyptian Pantheon to enable you to manifest what you desire.

  • Cord Cutting and Negative Energy Removal- 30 Minutes: $100

This session can help you transform negative relationships and let go of cords and ties that can be draining your energy. Good for people who are ready to let go of toxic relationships or who have been through a draining and negative situation.


Hi There, My Name is Maggie. 


Maggie has been working with magick, ritual, energy and imagination her whole life, while not necessarily calling it by those names! She enjoys chocolate, hiking off trail and finding wild food and plants, bonfires, farmers markets, making art, singing, dancing, celebrations, walking around and exploring New York and practicing yoga. For the past three she has been studying with the Modern Mystery School and has been certified in extremely unique, life-changing and empowering lineage based energy healing sessions she loves to share with others. The Mystery School provides empowerment knowledge and higher teachings in the Wicca, Ceremonial Magick, Healing, and many other concentrations. A Life Activation is the first step in having access to all the powerful classes the Mystery School has to offer. Maggie loves serving and working with other people who are excited about healing their wounds and awakening their own natural gifts and purpose in order to contribute more of their inner goodness and beauty to the world.

The sessions Maggie works with can benefit everybody and especially other light-workers, healers, creative people, and anyone who really desires to change and feel called to assist others with their awakening and progression.