Weekly Class - Freedom From Emotions 


Madineyah Isaacs is a New York City based, certified life coach and EFT practitioner.  Her career spans thirteen years and includes extensive traveling and coaching, in group settings and one-on-one from Italy to London to further afield in the Middle East. Thus far, she has personally worked with people from over 70 Nationalities. 

Prior to her bold career move, she was a radio presenter and producer at one of the premier radio stations in Cape Town, South Africa, Good Hope fm with a weekly listenership of over 500 000 people. 

Her unique background has made her highly adaptable and all sessions are fully customized for maximum benefit to the individual or group. The spiritual and practically minded are both welcome.

With a deep commitment to her own growth, Madineyah inspires her community to take the lead in their own lives to overcome what’s holding them back through easy-to-implement tools to gain the clarity and confidence to live a more enriching and fulfilling life.