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*$75 of this is a deposit for materials. I'm happy to work with your budget to create a piece that resonates with your intentions. 


Hello! I’m Liz Neves – mama, meditator, dreamer, herbalist, and reiki practitioner. 


Burnt out from a life working in advertising, I left my job in 2005 to pursue a way of being that was more in line with my heart’s purpose. I found my way to herbalism (by way of permaculture) in 2008 and I haven’t looked back. I lovingly made herbal remedies and body care products (Raganella) for 3 years. Though the products gained a following, the birth of my son shifted my priorities.

After becoming a mama in 2012, I felt entirely depleted and often lonesome. I connected with other new moms and felt a sense of kinship and community. Yet I still felt a bit lost. After my son’s first birthday I had a vision – of families with young children sitting outside in the sunshine, in peace and stillness. At that moment I knew that both meditation and connecting to nature was my path, and that I had to share this with my community. That’s when Gathering Ground was born. My classes and private sessions are infused with love, humor, and compassion for all beings. When I'm not leading a class at MINKA or in Prospect Park, I practice reiki, herbalism, and the healing drum. My classes and private sessions are inspired by plant teachings, earth-based spirituality, and ancient wisdom. 

Deepest gratitude goes to my direct teachers: my son, Cyndi Lee, Robin Rose Bennett, Peeka Trenkle, Jacoby Ballard, Karen Rose, Rosalee de la Forêt, Andrew Faust, Kristin Reed, Leda Meredith, Vanessa Chakour, Sokhna Heathyre Mabin, Irma StarSpirit Woman, the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York, the Interdependence Project, the Plants, the Elements, the Earth. I’m also inspired by the work of Rosemary Gladstar, David Winston, 7Song, Matthew Wood, Stephen Harrod Buhner, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Thich Nhat Hanh, Joan Halifax, Robert Waggoner, and Llyn Roberts, among many others. 

What folks are saying about sessions with me:

Liz gives such an incredibly unique energy healing experience. Liz brings her extensive knowledge of the natural environment into my body and spirit. As I shared my intention for the session, Liz listened and processed it on multiple levels for the session, including what potential physical and mental areas of tension, helpful medicinal herbs, and nature images and representations. We began with a cleansing smudge of sage and mugwort, a sip of medicinal tea, and ending by summoning the four directions together and revisiting the intention for the session. I leave feeling powerful, peaceful and enlightened in a way that I have yet to find with any other wellness services. 


"I had a wonderful relaxing – yet uplifting -- reiki session with Liz Neves.  I highly recommend her – she is gentle, knowledgeable, a great listener and an excellent energy worker.  Liz is intuitive and down to earth.  I was very happy with my session and believe others will be too." ~ SM

"My session with Liz was wonderful!  She began with the drum and I felt her go through my energy centers, working to locate the blocks of energy and move them out through sound.  As she worked on my heart and solar plexus especially, I felt the stuck energy moving around as it got loosened and finally freed. Then she moved into reiki and as she worked from my head downward I felt a shift as she placed her hands on my shoulders.  I immediately felt warm and light and expansive.  At another point she began to chant and drum softly; my hands began to tingle and vibrate.  I began to receive images of scenes & my arms felt heavy like carrying something large - I got the sense I was being given something to carry.  As she called me back with the drum the sensations began to go away, I felt the coolness of the room again and I came to open my eyes refreshed and with new knowledge." ~ WC