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Body & Soul - Signature Massage

Whether you are an athlete, do physical work, are on your feet all day or required to sit at a desk for many hours, our signature massage will address your specific needs! Every person has a different body structure and different problem zones that require different attention. That is why we offer a unique massage that addresses YOUR specific needs – every time, because your needs might change, let’s say when you decide to go to the gym more often, change your diet or other routine. The signature massage will vary in techniques used, but also uses different massage oils (relaxing, invigorating, soothing) and incorporates aromatherapy and reiki (energy work) where necessary. Let us take care of you the best way we can!

TRADITIONAL THAI YOGA MASSAGE - Get stretched & gain flexibility

Thai massage, also known as “Lazy Yoga” is a combination of stretching, pressing, palming, and other movements to loosen muscles and joints, and thus increases flexibility. It also involves work on an extensive network of energy lines acting as an external stimulant to produce specific internal effects. This part serves as the main distinction between Thai and Western massage. Other benefits of Thai massage include relief from constipation, headaches, sciatica, back and neck pain. Thai massage is practiced on a firm mat on the floor instead of on a table, instrumental in the effective use of the practitioner’s body weight. Except for the feet, the client remains fully clothed, so draping is not necessary.

REIKI - Balance your energy

Reiki is a gentle form of energy work, which was developed in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki is composed of two words and literally means Rei = higher power Ki = life energy. Based on the principles of Reiki illness is caused by low or unbalanced energy. The Reiki practitioner uses energy to balance the client’s energy levels. Reiki can be used to treat physical or emotional problems. A Reiki session is done on a massage table or mat on the floor fully clothed.

Raindrop Technique

The Raindrop Technique is a therapy that involves the amazing power of essential oils, combined with specific massage techniques, including back massage, Vita Flex massage on the feet and a warm compress to help the oils absorb into the skin. The technique is designed to bring the body back into structural and electrical alignment. Often, many spinal problems and misalignments are caused by or exacerbated by toxins (such as viruses) that lie dormant within the spinal column. The use of essential oils helps to dispose of these toxins and viruses within the spine, helping its structure return to normal.

AROMATHERAPY - A treat for the senses

In this session you will experience nature’s fragrances in its purest form to uplift, balance and energize you on all levels – physical, emotional and mental. This modality focuses on elevating your overall well-being and essential oils are selected specifically for you according to your needs at the time of the session.

Rose Supreme-Raise Your Vibration

Our most exclusive service that elevates your spirit and leaves you floating for days. Rose essential oil in its purest form is used to literally raise your vibration. This session is more than just a physical treatment, it pampers all your senses and deeply penetrates your energy field. Appointments have to be scheduled at least one week in advance. Payment required when booking.

5-session packages and 10-session packages available at a discounted rate (10-15%less)



Lindai Loutun is a Natural Health Consultant, Reiki Master Teacher and Thai Massage Therapist whose goal is to help her clients get over specific health challenges and improve their overall health condition. Massage, aromatherapy, energy healing, treatments with essential oils, setting up a workout regimen and nutrition/dietary counseling are part of her holistic approach. Every client's specific needs are met with an individualized solution. Her clients not only achieve a better state of health but are also able to maintain this newly gained healthy balance in their daily lives! A fast paced society and demanding work life requires us to decompress and recharge our batteries. Only then are we ready to tackle challenges anytime, any day. She made it her mission to help you accomplish that!


Lindai’s specialties are Traditional Thai Massage, Reiki and Raindrop Technique with Essential Oils. You can experience each individually or try her signature “Body & Soul Massage” using elements of different modalities to best address your needs. She also does nutrition counseling and personal fitness training. Her strength is to create a health and wellness plan that fits your personal needs best. Lindai also teaches classes on aromatherapy and how to use essential oils for yourself and on others. Please email her to inquire about upcoming essential oil workshops at