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  • 1 hour Light Session :: $165 (Special MIINKA Price!) - Akashic Records Reading followed by a Merkaba Healing, a guided activation experience for auric field cleansing and awakening the Lightbody for greater sovereignty and Grace
  • 30min Express Session ::: $111 - mini reading with tarot +/or oracle cards
  • 90min Light Retreat ::: $333 - A decadent experience and collaborative ritual incorporating light work with sound (spoken, sung and instrumental), taste (nibbles of chocolate and raw foods), adornment (exploration of sensory pleasures through textiles and altar building). Includes a bonus 20min coaching call to connect on your intentions and design the most exquisite session for you. 


Hi dear ones! I Am Lady Rose, your facilitator for earthly and celestial delights in the form of: divination and channeled readings, light body activations and sovereign awareness training, and more explorations, toe-dips and deep-dives into the well of Sacred Mysteries.While I have received many initiations and trainings on the earthly plane, my greatest gratitude goes to the Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and Nature Deities that have been guiding my work in the field of Holistic Arts since 2016.

A professional reader and "healer" in NYC since 2013 with write-ups in Teen Vogue, Nylon and Huffington Post among others, I am best known for Goddess circles and epic-ly uplifting yet heart-penetrating intuitive readings. I experienced a life-changing moment while living on solo retreat in upstate NY last winter, a full body high followed by *7 months* of direct initiations from Ascended Masters including Mother Mary, Buddha and Jesus, as well as lesser-known homies like Lady Nada + St. Germain.If this all sounds too good to be true or you think I am totally wackadoo, I invite you to experience it for yourself!

I now have the privilege of passing on all that I have experienced through hands-on touch as well as verbal transmission and more formal trainings and coaching programs. I would cherish the opportunity to meet you exactly where you are on your "spiritual"/human journey, and would love to play a small role in your quest to ignite your true destiny as a leader, healer and miracle-worker in your own right.

With love,
Lady Rose xx

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