Hi There, My Name is Katie.


Katie Down, MT-BC, LCAT, is a licensed creative arts therapist, music therapist and sound healing practitioner. Her private therapy practice is Sound Well Center, incorporating holistic and somatic psychotherapy, Reiki, EMDR, and sound for relief of trauma symptoms, anxiety, depression and energy blockages. Katie provides a nurturing and calm environment for healing, incorporating therapeutic musical instruments with distinct elemental properties as well as voice to allow each client to bring forth their own innate healing abilities. Katie has been a sound practitioner and music therapist for over 10 years and a professional musician and educator for over 20. She offers yearly trainings in sound therapy techniques for clinicians and health care practitioners, and is a meditation teacher at Maha Rose Center for Healing and MNDFL, where she facilitates deep listening meditations for self-healing and global compassion.  

Book your session with Katie

Please email Katie at glassmusicsound@gmail.com to book your session. 

  • Sound Healing and Reiki - 60 minute session ($175)
  • Deep Listening Classes - 45 minute class ($30 per person)
  • Sound Bath Meditations - 90 minute workshop ($40 per person)
  • Psychotherapy/EMDR - 60 minute session ($175)