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Karen Reed is a Licensed Clinical Therapist  who has been practicing in New York City for over 15 years. Her approach to therapy is designed to help you tap into the strengths and positive attributes you already posses to decrease anxious and depressing thoughts, and harmful, destructive behaviors. She will guide you through the process of identifying patterns and actions that have been the source of your struggles, and help you create an individualized plan focusing on a positive and empowering structure of thought, and behavior, geared to improving your self esteem, mood, relationships, and overall life outcomes.

My life's work is focused on helping people to reach the place where they can genuinely recognize what makes them feel powerful and happy, despite what they have been taught, or what they've gone through. Let's get back to that place of self love and acceptance that we all deserve. 

I will work with you to identify how to best improve your life, step by step, and help you to let go of the memories, thoughts, and beliefs that cause you to doubt yourself, seek unhealthy relationships, and make you feel hopeless and stuck. Harmful habits can be changed.

Email kareninbrooklyn@gmail.com to book your session