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Book your session with JOHN

Please email John at to book your session. 

  • Personalized Reading (Time depends on how many cards we pull) - $8/card

    • Tell me your issue and we can set up a way to pull cards to help the mirror of tarot reveal the deeper workings of your current situation.

  • Birth Cards and Cards for the Year (about 45 minutes) - $60

    • We use numerology to find your birth pattern and the pattern for your current year in tarot.

  • Gateway Reading (about 30 minutes) - $50

    • This reading explores chaos as a gateway in your life.

  • Celtic Cross (about 1 hour) - $100

    • This is a great go-to reading, delving into the current situation and where it could be heading.

  • Birth Card Reading + Year Cards + Celtic Cross (about 2hrs) - $150

    • We will find the cards that represent your overall life challenges as well as your present year and then pull a Celtic Cross to see how these are currently being expressed.


hi there, my name is john

I began reading Tarot about a decade ago. It all started in a meditation session I was having while traveling. I had been practicing meditation for many years by this point, and I was sitting quietly on a mountaintop, breathing, when I saw a vision of a red flower growing out of my right hand. This vision felt beautiful and important, so I drew it in my notebook, but quickly forgot about it in the jumble of excited journeying. That was until I got my first tarot reading, and this vision was thrust into my physical world. In this reading was a man sitting in meditation with a red flower growing out of his hand. This sort of meditative vision being the precursor to physical events, especially Tarot readings, is what pushed me into the practice. I bought my first Rider-Waite deck (it was a mini deck that I still use) and studied it rigorously.

This study has taken me on many wild journeys. Sometimes these journeys are inward and sometimes they are outward. The cycle of Tarot has always been there as a mirror for me to reflect upon the cycles within my own life. This has developed my Tarot reading style. I don’t intend to tell you your future or your path, but instead to ask you the questions that can polish the mirror for you to see yourself more fully and more truly. With clarity, we find that we always had the answers. 

 I like to prescribe my Querents with a meditative practice that they can carry with them. It is a means of keeping the mirror polished. The reading doesn’t end when you leave. When you come to me, you are just asking me to help you polish the mirror in your life that may be covered with emotional or mental gunk, but after that assisted polishing, the upkeep is yours. Confusion is natural, but let's work together to dispel it compassionately and fully.