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Jes Wittig

Jes is a Brooklyn-based healer, tarot reader, yoga teacher, dance artist, and writer. She is a 200 Hour certified Kripalu Yoga teacher under the mentorship of Yoganand Michael Carroll, a Reiki Master of the second degree in the Usui lineage, and holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Dance and Religious Studies from Hofstra University. Jes has studied Reiki, Qi Gong, Anatomy and Physiology, Tai Chi, divination, Alexander Technique, kinesiology, end of life care, and various meditation traditions. 

Jes’ tarot practice is largely informed by her studies in Jungian psychology, and through her practical, medicinal, and soul-centered approach, she will translate the cards’ wisdom to help you forge a clear path forward in your life. Jes places special emphasis on dropping into the soul’s truth in tarot conversations, and using the tarot as a mirror for our brain chemistry, aiming to make your experience grounding, gratifying, and productive.

Jes integrates her years of Continuum Movement practice into her Reiki practice, as well as modes of guided meditation, based on client needs and preferences. Informed by a deep understanding of kinesiology and the fluid and subtle systems of the body, Jes’ sessions will bring you to a state of deep relaxation, engaging the physical, mental, and emotional bodies’ capacities for profound healing.

Services Offered

Reiki (1 Hour): sliding scale $50 - $130

Reiki (90 Minutes): sliding scale $70 - $180

Tarot Reading (1 Hour): $50 - $130

Tarot Reading (90 Minutes): $70 - $180

Tarot Reading (Card-by-card): $8/card

**all rates are negotiable based on need**