Hypnosis is a great tool to access memories from deeper mind.  I will guide your journey within to uncover karmic links and patterns that could be limiting your life, offering you a chance to glimpse where your soul goes when you leave your physical body, meet with your soul group, your spirit guides, and understand why you’ve come to be born.

Past Life Regression is a great method to uncover memories from the deeper parts of our hearts and minds.  The benefits of re-connecting withthese experiences include understanding life lessons that may resonate with struggles, imprinted energy, talents, abilities and much more.  This work is a pre-requisite for all Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy.  

Life Between Lives (LBL) is a method that expands beyond Past Life Regression, bringing one deeper into an expanded state of consciousness to access soul memories.The length of a session is 3-5 hours which includes an expanded trance depth allowing our “human mind” to attune to the frequencies of our super-conscious “soul mind”.  One of the most profound aspects of this work is meeting and working with our spirit guide that has been with us since our energetic creation.  It is at this juncture that therapy may take place naturally and in a manner that most suits our eternal self.  Oftentimes, people come to understand karmic trends and patterns that have been with us for many lifetimes also known as soul lessons.  This helps bring understanding and knowing on the deepest level possible.   It also makes way for remembering and experiencing our deepest connections to loved ones, mates, hopes, and ideals. The between life regression is educational, therapeutically valuable, and a potential source of transformation as we become more aquatinted with our immortal selves.  It is such sacred work and I am honored to help those that are in search of the essential answers to living.  Who am I?  Why am I here?  Where do I come from?


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