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Click the link below or email Hosanna at hosannam@gmail.com to book your session. 

  • Reiki (60 minutes) - $111

  • Reiki (90 minutes) - $144



Hosanna is a reiki healer, storyteller and spirited traveler based in Brooklyn with roots throughout the World. 

Hosanna found her way to reiki through a foot injury sustained in Barcelona and a fortuitous, divine morning at Minka. It took one reiki session for Hosanna to realize that something subtle yet elemental, transformative was going on. She began to listen to the messages her body was gifting, reminded that our bodies are intelligent and communicative vessels connected to mind and spirit.  

Hosanna’s reiki mission centers around helping individuals connect with themselves and higher consciousness on deeper levels. A session with Hosanna is a time for relaxation, integration and raising vibrations. Clients lay clothed on a massage table and receive energy transmitted through a hands-on healing practice. 

Through deep relaxation we give space for subtle energies to be felt; through the tuning of energy we allow messages from higher dimensions to integrate into our consciousness. It's a process of gentle exploration and cultivation of self, and raising vibrations to be in tune with higher life force energy.

When we create sacred space for care and exploration we open the pathway to living life more alive and in tune, with ourselves and our communities. We shift the dynamic from surviving to thriving, from restriction to infinite expansion and possibility. Hosanna is a facilitator of this process, and she looks forward to helping you on your journey. 

Hosanna was attuned by Manu Del Prete and Aki Baker and is honored to be a part of the vibrant and inclusive healing community that is Minka.  

To learn more about Hosanna, including a few storytelling projects that are close to her heart space, visit www.theopenseries.com and www.fitthedescription.com.