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If you have questions about Space Rental, Selling your products out of Minka Brooklyn, or other business inquiries please use this email.


For more information on facilitating a workshop and to submit your proposal, click here. All workshop proposals must be submitted via this form (no exceptions) and we kindly ask you to read the FAQs carefully before emailing. Please allow 2-3 months' lead time for your event.


We are now using this email for Tech Support for MindBody and SquareSpace. If you are a partitioner and have questions about onboarding, signing into MindBody, changing your bio page on SquareSpace or updating your information for clients or the Minka community, please use this email.


If you are new to Minka and have general inquiries about the space or business please use this email.

What Is Minka?

MINKA is an inclusive space for healing and therapeutic professionals to host workshops, meetings, lectures, meditations, and classes.  We believe each of us has a role to MINKA brooklyn operates more so as a co-working space for holistic wellness practitioners, where they are able to rent private studios, and the foyer to facilitate private sessions, workshops and community offerings.

How do you choose your Members Practitioners? 

We look for members who exhibit kindness and professionalism, ones we feel are in line with our mission and business values. We ask all of our members to participate in 1-3 Minka events open to the public. Events may come in the form of a wellness fair in our main event space, a workshop we develop around your healing modality or panel discussion. A business website or active social media presence is a plus.

What are MINKA’s Services And Offerings

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Akashic Record Readings

  • Astrology

  • Ayurvedic Face-Lift Massage

  • Breathwork

  • Colorpuncture

  • Cranialsacral Therapy

  • Family Constellation

  • Flower Essence Therapy

  • Herbalism/ Plant Medicine

  • Health Coaching

  • Holistic Business Development

  • Hypnosis/ Past Life Regression

  • Intuitive & Mediumship

  • IFA Divination Readings

  • Massage Therapy

  • Meditation

  • Motherhood - in partnership with The Living Womb + Jessica Smiley

  • Palmistry

  • Psychotherapy

  • Reiki/ Energy Healing

  • Rituals & Circles

  • Sound Healing

  • Space Clearing & Feng Shui

  • Transformational Coaching

  • Tarot & Card Readings

  • Embodied Movement Therapy

  • … and much more.

How Do I Book A Session

  • One way is to reach out to practitioners through our site. Practitioners have different ways of connecting (email, phone, site, etc).

  • We also now have MindBody. Many or our practitioners are on Mindbody, you can download the whole app or the Minka Brooklyn app, see practitioner’s availability hours and book them through the app.

Do You Do Walk-Ins

We do not have practitioners on call in our center. We have community Reiki and Acupuncture Mondays and Thursdays and although our space is a communal structure where practitioners hang out and enjoy MINKA’s resources such as our Mystical Library. We encourage book through our website , over the phone or our MindBody platform.

Things to Know - MINDBODY - Appointment Requests

When you request an appointment through MindBody , please note it has to be confirmed by the partitioner.


Minka’s front desk and public space is open from 12pm-7pm, Monday through Thursday. You may be able to book most practitioners from 10am-7pm most days, depending on their specific availability which can be found on MindBody and or for some practitioners, on their bio page.

How can I get my products into your Brick and mortar Minka Shop? 

If you are a local producer of wellness and healing products, please contact us.  We would love to collaborating with local makers.

Do you allow pets at Minka?

We love animals! Unfortunately, we do not allow cats and dogs into the space, due to allergic concerns for our clients and practitioners.