Sometimes in order to move forward, we have to go back. Our family system and past personal or family story/dynamics can unknowingly hold us back from ‘playing big’ in our life. Together, we will understand, acknowledge and recognized what happened to your inner child, teenager or young adult – what did you not understand, process or experience that remains as ‘stuck energy’ in your life? We will also work on your family tree and see if there are any recurring patterns, traumas or stories. It’s challenging work, but rewarding beyond belief. Gaining peace and acceptance towards the past allows you to be fully present, and live your life as you want to, without guilt, shame, sadness or frustration.

Together, we can establish a safe healing space for you to open up and speak up your truth. My goal is to give you guidance and insight so that you can take charge of your life independently and feel secure and bold.

The real power is knowing where we came from, where we belong and where we want to go, fully clear that everything is in order and your family system is behind you, supporting, guiding and loving you.

This powerful work assists in creating positive shifts in:

· Relationships
· Success in life
· Recurring emotions (depression, fear, anxiety, sadness, feeling unworthy or unrooted, blockages, stagnation etc.)
· Achieving life goals
· Finances
· Unexplained symptoms
· Health
· Self-sabotage
· Infertility
· Addictions etc.

Some of the Benefits of Family Constellations:

· Improving your relationships (parents, partner, children, colleagues, etc.)
· Turning your past into a source of strength
· Acquiring a healing inner image of your family
· Freeing you and your descendants from invisible burdens
· Transforming your blockages and self sabotage
· Increasing your empathy, love and compassion for yourself and others
· Opening your heart to love

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