Esther is Reiki master certified in traditional Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage, Komyo Reiki do. She offers Reiki sessions for humans/ animals & Reiki classes in group/private, As well as meditation 101 in group/ private. Distance reiki is also available.

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Reiki sessions for humans

$120/ 90 minutes session 

$100/ 60 minutes session 

Reiki session for animals( home visit only)

$100/ initial visit / 30-45 minutes session

$80/ multiple sessions in Manhattan & Queens

$70/ multiple sessions in Brooklyn 

Distance Reiki ( humans/ animals)

•30 minutes session $50

•60 minutes session $80

Mindfulness based Meditation 101 class 

•Private 1 hour class $80

•Group 1 & half hour class $40 per person 

Sliding scale is available for people/ animals with terminal illness or with EBT/Medicaid.

Sliding scale/ discount is available for those who are separated from their family due to new immigration laws, as well as for those who are in the process of/ recently done/ planning to do a gender transition.

About Eshter

Esther was born in Seoul, South Korea, and started a new journey in the U.S. in 1991. Her entire life she has always been a seeker, pursuing peace and happiness in various places, careers and people. In 2014, Reiki found her and she felt that her path lit up with clarity, connecting her with her true nature as well as with others’, showing her a way to stay happy, healthy and peaceful regardless of outside conditions. 

She decided to share this beautiful gift we all have easy access to with everyone and has been doing so via various venues, in home/distance treatments for humans and animals, volunteering at local animal shelters, other charity events or even random strangers on the streets of New York City who seemed in need and were open to receive the healing energy of Reiki. She’s constantly witnessing the amazing impact that Reiki can have even in the most distressing conditions. 

She was trained and certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher/Shihan in the traditional Japanese way under Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei, the founder of Komyo Reiki Do, following the lineage of Mikao Usui Sensei, the founder of the Reiki Healing System. 

She has also been conducting Reiki classes and group sessions, sharing this simple yet effective system with as many people as she could, giving them the power to use it for their own benefit as well as those around them.

It is Esther’s  joy and passion to assist fellow humans and animals to reconnect with their true nature and restore their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance that usher them to true, long lasting happiness and peace.