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Intuitive Readings, Energy Healing, Chakra Clearing

Eboni is a psychic, trauma survivor, painter, and writer who connects these aspects of herself into her work. She has been sharing astral chakra readings via word of mouth since “accidentally” discovering her skill in 2012 and has recently begun serving the public.

Her sessions involve gently touching the chakras as she attunes to your light body. During your time together Eboni clears blocked energy while sharing connections between conscious, subconscious, past life, mental, physical, and emotional aspects of yourself that are ready to be healed. Clients consistently share that their experience with her is life-changing.

Astral Chakra Readings are $100 for one hour and a sliding scale is available. To book your appointment or inquire, kindly email

And as an additional service upon client request, she will paint your reading into an astral self-portrait. Her paintings serve as a memento of one’s choice to embrace their full self.

Additionally, Eboni is part of a lineage of psychics. Her maternal great grandmother facilitated readings, participated in spell work, and read palms for a living to support people in their healing. You can learn more about Eboni and see some of her paintings on her IG: @ebonigoldensnake.