Eboni Goldensnake is a mystic, trauma survivor, and conceptual artist, in that order, who connects all of these aspects of herself in her work.

She has been aware of her intuitive abilities since she was a child and has been sharing chakra frequency readings since “accidentally” discovering her skill in 2012. Eboni has since been practicing with clients who hear about her via word of mouth and only recently began sharing with the public. Clients typically make connections between conscious and subconscious aspects of their lives that impact choices that distance them from their inner being.

She has a unique perspective on trauma and her intention is to act as a sort of guide for seekers in what healing truly is, means, and the inner self-love work required. Eboni began to paint as a means of documenting her healing process as she interpreted it through her vibration. She calls her paintings vibrational self-portraits and uses acrylic on canvas with mirror, glass, and silicone. The paint represents vibration and the glass and mirror represent subconsciousness.

Eboni is now incorporating her mystical work into her art by offering to paint the vibrations of clients she reads. Additionally, she is part of a lineage of mystics as her maternal great grandmother facilitated readings, participated in spell work, and read palms for a living to support people in their healing.

IG: @ebonigoldensnake

Email: ebonigoldensnake@gmail.com