Corporate Wellness

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A successful work environment is one that is conducive for employees' ability to effectively, efficiently, and consistently complete tasks that support in the achievement of company wide goals. The health and well-being of the individual employee is instrumental to the company’s success.  Stress and stress-related illnesses are increasingly becoming a detractor to successful work environments.  They have been linked to decrease productivity, increase in unscheduled absences, increase in mental health impairment and even physical ailments such as heart attacks.

According to the 2012 survey by the Society of Human Resources Management, more people agreed about the benefits of workplace wellness program.

Benefits of Worksite Wellness Program according to Society of Human Resources Management

Benefits of Worksite Wellness Program according to Society of Human Resources Management

A meta-analysis of more than 250 research studies, covering nearly 200 organizations in virtually 50 industries across the globe, showed that employees with the highest levels of engagement are absent 37% fewer days than those with lowest levels of engagement.  What's more, they are more loyal and more productive. The combined impact of these and other key performance indicators ultimately results in happier customers and stronger bottom line (based on Gallup's meta-analysis).

MINKA brooklyn views Holistic Wellness programs through an integrated lens. Our approach is holistic, to be truly healthy there must be health and harmony in the physical, mental, and emotional systems.  We know that by bringing balance within and between these systems you are able to improve mental, emotional and physical health; that will result in clarity, optimism, balance, productivity, and positive & effective work environment. 

Ways We Can Support Your Goals

  • Create a culture of wellness in the workplace

  • Provide employees with tools to relieve stress and anxiety

  • Provide employees with one on one support for emotional and physical stress

  • Provide access to wellness that is timely and convenient

  • Assessment of organizational dynamics in creating Integrated Wellness Program that suits the needs of organization 

  • Team Building methods that build trust, improve communications and empathy to strengthen workplace relationships

We have licensed, insured and talented practitioners who can offer services in the following format: one-on-one private sessions (weekly/monthly), group sessions (weekly/monthly), on-site or off-site Wellness Ambassador training program, Corporate Wellness Day facilitation.

The modalities we offer includes (but not limited to): Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Dance & Art Therapy, Acupuncture, Qi-Gong, Reiki, Breathwork, Feng Shui, Flower Essence, Integrative Coaching, Psychotherapy, Herbal Remedy Consultation, Hypnosis and Crafts as Meditation.

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