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You are required to have Reiki 2 or above certification for practice professionally. If you have been certified by a school besides MINKA brooklyn, please send your certificate to
We require our practitioners to have liability insurance. Please send us the copy of your insurance certificate to
We ask our practitioners to have at least 3 months of reiki practice.
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What does culturally diverse healing community means to you? What role do you play, ad how do you contribute to individuals as well as societal healing process?
Tell us your take on how they intertwine with one another - there is no right or wrong answer!
Tell us how you stay well, and what you incorporate in your daily life for grounding and growth.

Community Ethos & Aspirations


  • We believe in the the mysterious and unlimited healing possibilities and capacities of ourselves, and of our clients.  The natural state of our beings is health, abundance and wholeness; and we seek to return to this state by allowing our body/mind/soul to work in its magical ways.

  • We hold our clients’ well-being at the center of all and- collectively care for our clients for the highest possible healing.  Collaboration amongst our immediate practitioners, and other professionals - including Medical professionals, is integral to achieving our collective goal of healing.

  • We honor and respect the  lineage of our healing practices. Upholding their teachings, and speaking the teachers’ names whenever is asked, or when appropriate is a starting point, and we continue to learn the historical context of the practices, as well as the techniques. We are aware that Western culture we live in do not translate, or often omit the visceral context of indigenous traditions, which leads to cultural appropriation.  MINKA practitioners are committed to continue learning/unlearning these aspects of the practices and our cultural conditioning.

  • We acknowledge our ignorance of others’ experiences and perspectives; therefore, we seek to understand, rather than make judgements.

  • Individual healing and collective/social healing is intertwined; MINKA practitioners are committed to work with individuals, groups and organizations that are working on the frontline of social justice movements to provide solace, counsel, and recalibration, in order for these movements to transform our world.

  • MINKA Brooklyn is a space for healing and growth, both for our clients and practitioners.  MINKA practitioners are dedicated to learning how to best hold space for folx from all walks of life.  We are aware of our implicit biases and how they play a role in our decision making; and we seek to understand the cultures of those who come from non-dominant groups, and how to best facilitate healings for those whose experiences differ from ours.  

  • MINKA means ‘Home of the People: a space for all people. We are committed to holding space for communities of color, LGBTQIA+, immigrants, differently-abled, communities living in economic poverty, and communities in need during times of crisis.  

  • We acknowledge that we are all on our healing path. Unaddressed pain, trauma and wounds in our psyche can surface in unexpected ways, and we work diligently and courageously to be present as this occurs.

  • In order for us to serve others, we  commit to diving deeper into our own healing journey by gathering with one another, seeking counsel with teachers, healing practitioners and self-reflecting. We honor the healing process of individuals, clients and professionals, as much as the outcome.  

  • We care, nurture and respect our physical healing home, MINKA brooklyn, and the earth it exists in.  We use Earth friendly products whenever possible, and ask all who gather to respect our policies.

  • We acknowledge that the land we live in is the ancestral lands of the Lenape Nation and the Canarsee people who have been and continue to be forcefully and systemically dispossessed of their land, and as a result, their culture.  As we conduct healing, we are aware of the deep impact of this history both within individuals and society. We work to learn and unlearn our colonial conditioning to fully embrace our authentic power as Ourselves. We begin by acknowledging our individual privilege, and collectively use it to change the way society functions through healing practices and education.

  • We believe our  journey is the most important teacher.