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Full treatment (reiki, sat nam rasayan, navel adjustment, lifestyle counselling, meditation prescription and practice), 1hr 45mins: $150

Reiki, 30 minutes: $50

Reiki, 1 hour: $80

Reiki & energy counselling, 1hr 15mins: $100

Sat Nam Rasayan (healing through awareness), 30 minutes: $50


5 full treatment sessions 1hr 45mins: $650 (save $100, $130/session)

10 full treatment sessions 1hr 45mins: $1200 (save $300, $120/session)

                                                                ABOUT CIRCLE BLOOM

Sat Nam (Hello)! My name is Circe Bloom, nice to meet you! If you like you can call me by my spiritual name, which is Padmakshi. It means ‘lotus-eyed’ in sanskrit. The name was given to me by one of my greatest teachers, Swami Paramananda, who usually holds the place of manager at the Sivananda Ashram in upstate New York, and comes into the city to lecture and teach asanas; I was blessed to meet and spend a lot of time with and studying under his grace during my time living in a Sivananda Ashram in South India, where I took their excellent Hatha Yoga teacher training. I connect strongly with the spiritual name given to me and see in it my teachers incredible sensitive insight, I myself have been the lotus which grows from the murky depths of a muddy pool, my eyes can see that potential in all, and it is my mission in life to lift others up in such a way. Though this was not the beginning of my journey in the science of the soul, I have been absolutely blessed to have been introduced to the practice of yoga at the relatively young age of 18 years. What I heard about energy in and around the being, the breath, the chakra system, immediately resonated with me and I understood and felt it deeply as if it was knowledge that had been with me for a long, long time, even though I was so new and theoretically still knew so little. My long past life history in the esoteric arts was activated and all the memories and feelings began flooding back. Though I am still now in my early 20s, the palms of my hands carry the lines of many ancient lifetimes. From that moment on my life has been centred around the unfolding of a life in healing. I have been blessed to have studied with many extremely wise teachers in several corners of the world where I have ended up, who trained me in various yogic/energy moving practices and philosophical concepts, these teachers have and continue to nurture this path, starting with the first yoga class I attended in Cairo, Egypt, during my time living there, in Amsterdam, Holland, during my time living there also, in London, UK, in Kerela, India, and now in New York City. My yoga practice, strong feeling of energy and ever deepening knowledge of holistic healing led me to study Yoga Therapy under Guru Dharam, who assisted and practiced under the master Yogi Bhajan in individual healing sessions that he would conduct with people during his life-time. The basis is in using kundalini yoga practices and meditations to heal peoples very particular emotional, physical, energetic, psychological issues. In addition Guru Dharam has been a master in Chinese Medicine since his introduction in the 1970s, and included factors of this knowledge into our training modules. Feeling called to touch more energy I went on to receive a certification in giving reiki. I also have delved into the field of Ayurveda (life science), an ancient Indian practice of holistic healthy living depending on your individual constitution. The healing which I practice is a combination of reiki, sat nam rasayan (relaxation in the true self, healing through awareness), navel adjustment (abdominal massage to get your power centre in the right place), counselling/conversation drawing from all my areas of knowledge and experience, prescription of meditations/practices to the individual drawing mostly from the kundalini yoga practice if they are willing, sound healing (intuitive drumming and tibetan bowl), and other lifestyle direction in all areas of life including diet and exercise. I have a highest gratitude and give reverence to my teachers, to the lineage through the ages, and to the great cosmic power which has blessed me with this knowledge and the gift of giving. Wahe Guru!