Angel Card Reading: 60 minutes - $133.00 / 90 minutes - $222.00

IET/Integrated Energy Therapy: 60 minutes - $144.00.

Carolyn can be reached at (202)957-7789 to schedule an appointment.

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Carolyn is a third-generation healer who has worked with the Angels since she was a young girl. Following her curiosity and intuition as her path of awakening unfolded lead Carolyn in 1996 to study Feng Shui followed by studying other ‘New Age’ philosophies as well as studying with a shaman.  

As a Certified Angel Card reader, Carolyn is appreciative of the messages that the Archangels, the Ascended Masters and Angelic realm channel through her to provide clients with messages that have led to their creating more opportunities and removing many of their challenges. As her awakening continued Carolyn has received direct messages from Saint Germain, Mother Mary, as well as other Ascended Masters and the Buddha which led to her receiving a special blessing from H.H. Dalai Lama in 2010.

Carolyn created Angel Heart Therapy by integrating several healing modalities where Carolyn attains the level of Master Instructor. Through the use of gentle hands on healing Carolyn works with the Angelic realm to assist clients with releasing what no longer serves them. Many have said they have gone onto live lives that are inspired, unique and where they feel a sense of freedom.

As a certified professional Life, Health & Wellness and Grief coach, a Master in Seichem Sekem Reiki, a Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) as well as a certified Angel Card Reader and Angel Card Therapist, Carolyn has supported clients worldwide through their transformations.  Carolyn also hosts Grief workshops and Meditation circles.