Book a Session with Carolyn

Tarot Reading - $95 (60 mins) or $125 (90 mins)

Flower Essence Therapy - $95 (60 mins) or $125 (90 mins)

Combination Tarot & Flower Essence Session - $125 (90 mins)


I am an artist, teacher and writer.  

My role as a teacher and practitioner is to spread the wisdom of the alchemy, be it through the medicine of Tarot, yoga, Bach Flower remedies, meditation, astrology, creativity, or prayer. It is my hope that we all connect to our highest self and allow our intuition to guide us into our most wonder-filled lives. The most revealing question we can ask ourselves is: "what do I need to know about myself right now?"

I am convinced that we can all learn the way forward for ourselves, and I am committed to assisting anyone who seeks that sincerely.

Carolyn will be offering two courses at MINKA this year: 

  1. Being an Alchemist. A nine month course that meets monthly on the full moon (9 meetings total) to move through the seven stages of the alchemical process together. This course can be accompanied by a monthly one-on-one session with Carolyn to receive further support from Bach flower tinctures, mindfulness practices, and Tarot readings. 

  2. Tarot Elementals. A three month course (12 classes total) that meets weekly to uncover the wisdom of the Tarot through the lens of the four elements (fire, water, air, and earth). This course does not require and previous knowledge of the Tarot. All levels are welcome. We will cover both Major and Minor Arcana cards integrating Kabbalah studies and astrology. We will also learn four spreads or ways of reading the cards.