Bodywork session: $160 per hour
Massage session: $160 per hour
Cash preferred.

Email to book.

Camilo will be out of country between late July and mid September.

Camilo Brooks is a lifelong student of the human body. Having practiced bodywork and massage for 22 years, he envisions a world free of muscle tension, and is eager to share his gift to realize this vision.

Inspired to seek the different origins of muscle tension within our bodies, Camilo studied ancient bonesetter practices and techniques found in meditation centers in Barbados and the West Indies. Through years of research, he devised his own practice, called The Brooks Method. Camilo’s practice specializes in not only relieving muscle tension, but identifying its location and root causes. He believes that by increasing our awareness of the tension’s origin, we can better understand how to heal the parts of our body that experiences the most pain.

Camilo has researched at New York City's Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), New York Marathon, and worked at the Saint Paul Community Baptist Church's Theater Company, Equinox Gym, and the Dragon Boat Races. While at HSS, Camilo began extensive research into the dysfunction of the hips and shoulders. This was the genesis of “The Brooks Method”, a tension elimination program he created in 2003.

The core characteristic of The Brooks Method is the use of natural body movements to eliminate abnormal muscle tension and relax areas of long standing tension. Through an interactive dialogue between Camilo and the client, the client creates a more dynamic mind-body connection that supports their own self healing. Over time, the client becomes the expert, directing treatment for maximum effectiveness.