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Boris Bernadsky graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with degrees in Massage therapy and Chinese Medicine.

He initially became interested in East Asian medicine after acupuncture greatly helped him out of pain after an injury. He has also been involved in various East Asian martial arts from childhood. He brings this experience into the treatment room.

Boris has worked extensively with acupuncturists specializing in pain management and the treatment of orthopedic conditions, and has completed many advanced trainings in acupuncture and bodywork with esteemed teachers Dr. Stephen Jackowics, Dr. Henry Mcann, Andrew Nugent Head, Yang Fu Kui, and Daniel Wunderlich among others.

He has also gone on several Medical Missions with the Global Healthworks Foundation and Global clinic to treat underserved communities in Guatemala using various modalities of East Asian medicine.

His goal in patient treatment is to give patients what they need to get back to their lives. His treatments often include homework and exercises, as well as Qi Gong and dietary reccomendations or lifestyle advice. He is happiest when patients visit a few times leave a nice review, and head on their way.