Practitioner Highlight: Travis Carrier

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I came to the field of holistic healing and energy work through hypnosis. I had gone to see a hypnotherapist to heal the wounded inner child. I had no idea what I was getting into at the time but was shaken by the impact it had on my life. The added bonus was that during the session, I gained insight into my life's purpose. I really loved how it was a process that allowed for each person to discover inner truths for themselves. It is the direct experience which allows one to energetically overcome many obstacles in a short and alchemical way. I began with the transpersonal self, then moved towards past lives, and onto life between lives hypnotherapy. I wasn't sure if I even believed in this stuff when I began but its truth cannot be denied. In many ways, this course is a direct reflection of the path I have taken and pieces of the core elements that have led me to the place I am today. I hope to allow others the space to experience the complex and wonderful beings that each of us are. The journey within is the most important for every single person. It is truly magical what turning our attention inwards can reveal.  

*Modalities: Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner.

*Aha Moment: The first time I led a hypnosis session, my training partner had the most direct and mystical experience. Her deceased father entered the room through the window as a beam of light. The ambient music and the air became bubbly and thick as everything slowed to a dreamlike quality. I was honored and blown away that this had just happened, not to mention utterly speechless. The instructor came into the room just in time to help keep the energy focused. He then gently touched her forehead to aid her inner sight so she could accept a warm, loving hug from her sorely missed father.  Another example of an aha moment was the first time I led a past life regression with a client who moved quickly through a life in ancient Turkey. After her death, she jumped into the spiritual realm to find herself in a circular library. Here she received a direct download of high spiritual energy, which opened her heart and mine with a blossoming flutter. Neither of us expected this whatsoever.  

*Credo for 2017: Raise the Vibration, Be Your Own Light.  

*Dream Destination: Luxor, Egypt. 

*Power Colors/Scents/Flavors: My power color is greenish blue. I love the smell of mountain air or to watch a waterfall that is frozen on the outer layer.  

*Theme Song: "You're My Angel," by Horace Andy. 

*What Brings You Most Fully Alive: Guiding others to unite with their soul.