Practitioner Highlight: Anna Cheechov

Discover more about Anna's work at The Living Womb and The Darling Doula, and make sure to check out her Weekly Women's Womb Circle every Friday at MINKA! 

Anna's journey into the birth world began with her own pregnancy in late 2012. She was fascinated with the everyday miracle that was taking place in her body: growing her first baby. She delved deeply into books on pregnancy and childbirth, and was determined to feel the entire experience from beginning to end. Little did she know, the transformational birth of her daughter, Nola Darling, would be the platform for launching her into her newfound passion. She hired a doula for her birth, and felt compelled to give other families similar support in such a fragile and transitional period in their lives. 

Anna is a doula, breastfeeding counselor, placenta magician, private yoga teacher, educator, and mentor. She has grown as a mother alongside many others as she started taking clients when her baby was only 5 months old. She has mentored and been mentored by many mamas, opening her eyes to the fact that it does take a village for families to thrive. The Living Womb was born out of this realization-- full-spectrum care for families from pre-conception to postpartum. TLW is a branch of MINKA Brooklyn that physically, mentally, and spiritually supports and uplifts mamas, partners, and babies before, during, and after pregnancy.   

*Modalities: Birth Doula, Lactation, Placenta Magic, Yoga, Mama-goddess Work. 

*Aha Moment: Every time I see a baby born and welcome life into the world-- it's magical to be with someone so brand new. It's always a beautiful moment, however it happens!! But pertaining to the work of being a doula, my a-ha moment came when I realized that believing in my clients, when they have a hard time believing in themselves, makes a world of difference. When offering support came from the place of believing, we all collectively had more strength to get through the birth and to the other side. 

*Credo for 2017: Thoughts become things (They're so powerful! Choose the ones you want to entertain wisely). 

*Dream Destination: Those igloos with glass ceilings where you can see the Northern Lights. Or a bungalow in the middle of clear, blue water off the coast of an exotic island. 

*Power Colors/Scents/Flavors: Purple, blue, morning coffee, all the flowers of the world, palo santo, frankincense, and kalidoscopes, amongst other things. 

*What Brings You Most Fully Alive: Love. My tribe. And Grace. The combo of all those 3 sounds heavenly.