Practitioner Highlight: Ashni

Discover more about Ashni's practice book a session, and make sure to check out her weekly Dynamic Meditation events at MINKA every Thursday from 9-10AM. 

As a Flower Essence Therapist, I serve, love, and inspire those within my local and global communities by providing tools of nourishment. These tools, in the form of flowers and energy-work, assist in fostering connections between the hearts and minds of individuals and the heart of our world. My devotion and faith in plant medicine and use of subtle healing modalities help to create an expansive approach to life and everyday challenges. 

*Modalities: Flower essence therapy, Meditation, Reiki, Light Language, Shamanic Healing, Intuitive Tarot & Counseling. 

*Aha Moment: When I started waking up every single morning feeling grateful for my life. 

*Credo for 2017: In the words of a great friend and musician, Matt Coffman, "I'm in love with life, in service to the truth. Feel that rumble, Great Spirit is'a coming thru!" 

*Dream Destination: Iceland. I am intrigued by the sounds/music that come out of this country. The forces of nature feel very strong there and it just feels like an awakened space. 

*Power Colors/Scents/Flavors: Power color is green- anything that reflects the fecund beauty and prosperity of the Earth lights me up from the inside out. Scents are rose and lavender- fragrances that remind me of the calm and beautiful aspects of life and nature. 

*Theme Song: Hmmmm, so many! But for now, Jill Scott's "Golden" cause this year, I'm focusing on living my life like it's golden! 

*What Brings You Most Fully Alive: Breath, breathing, and taking moments to take in the life that is happening within and all around me. Breathing with presence and gratitude for all I have, for all that is.