Practitioner Highlight: Carmen Mayes of Written In the Stars

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I'm just a girl from Detroit who decided to trust God and go for it. I moved to the big city like most people, in pursuit of fulfilling a dream or goal, and that is exactly what I did.  However, what I didn't know is that the universe had a different plan for me. After I accomplished my material goals of corporate career and financial success, it was time for me to move toward my true purpose of helping others on their path of personal growth, healing, and alignment with their purpose.  

I wish I could say the it was a lovely transition, but it wasn't. It was difficult. It involved lots of healing, growth, and redefining who I was or who I thought I was. In the very early stages of my personal shift, I became very attracted to learning and practicing different modalities of divination such as astrology, numerology, crystal healing, candle magic, ritual work, and tarot.  Astrology played a very important role in my development; it helped me understand my talents, desires, motivations and, most importantly, my path of growth.  It relieved some of my feelings of " I think I'm just crazy and loosing my mind right now".  As I connected the dots between the different modalities, I began to get a clear picture of who I was growing into and why it was important for me to allow myself to blossom into the highest version of myself. I began to accept what the universe had planned for me.

The more I embraced things, the more I grew, and was compelled to share my knowledge and understanding with others. I consider myself an open-minded skeptic. I've always been very practical and have strong logic; I couldn't deny that the things I was learning about and practicing really did work and it was wonderful. I begin to share my understanding and logic first through my website Written In the Stars. I expanded my astrology and tarot practice, and started helping people unlock their own personal magic with my line of ritual candles, lunar ritual workshops, and astrology classes.

*Modalities: I consider myself a divination practitioner, which includes astrology, tarot, candle magic, lunar rituals, and other spiritual rituals

*Aha Moment: When I had the opportunity to go back into the corporate world and basically my old life felt uncomfortable. The idea of living that life seemed so constricting I couldn't imagine not doing what I'm doing right now.

*Credo for 2017: "And Moving Forward..." It's a bridge phrase that connects what is current or from the past with what will happen in the future. The status quo and the past only serve as a springboard to move into the future.

*Dream Destination: Give me an island or a beach destination where I can eat seafood, enjoy libations, and take in all the beauty of God's creation.

*Power Colors/Scents/Flavors: Colors and scents are very powerful. They give insight on both our current energy and also where we need to strengthen our energy. Right now, white, which represents purification, healing, and new beginnings, has been resonating with me.

*Theme Song: Beyonce's "Grown Woman"- that song is both a reminder and a motivator. I control my life, I'm on my correct path, and by being the best version of myself I embody the confidence to be of service to others.

*What Brings You Most Fully Alive: Helping others gain the insight and self-discovery they are looking for and spending time with my family.