All you need to do is Breathe, and Trust.

Illustration by Choi Mi Kyung

Illustration by Choi Mi Kyung

Written by Jordan Pagan. Click here to join her full moon breathwork this Friday.

When I found Breathwork, I had recently started a new job, my dream job, and to my utter shock it was extremely stressful and not at all what I thought it would be. It was at that point of summer when the air was thick with humidity and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I knew it was stress and I knew it couldn’t continue. When I heard about a Breathwork Circle happening in Brooklyn, I didn’t quite understand what it was but felt there was nothing to lose by checking it out. Anything had to be better that what I felt, and all I could think was that I needed air. There were blocks and stuck energies I could feel, but try as I might, couldn’t find the root. Some of them were so old it felt like I had always been living with them, and that was how “normal” felt.

This is how most of us live, actually, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. There are some things we can’t access with our daily, conscious mind. The Breath surpasses all of this. It is highly intuitive and knows what the mind cannot comprehend. You don’t need to know why, where, when or how those blocks got there. All you need to do is Breathe, and Trust.  Breathwork is an extremely powerful healing tool and one of the quickest ways I’ve ever found to process and release what no longer serves – old beliefs, old patterns and programs, energetic blocks and stuck emotions, pain. That weight you’ve been carrying around for who knows how long.

The first time you do Breathwork, it can be rather surprising. Your body is not used to receiving so much oxygen at one time. It has a way of opening you up and unearthing those blocks buried deep within you, blocks you may not even be aware of. It activates your chakras. Allows you get present with yourself. Your body may tingle or feel like it’s vibrating (this is the breath moving!). Deep emotions will come up. You may feel like laughing, crying, shouting – or all of it. Surrender to it. Stay with the breath and let your feelings be your guide. Emotions are powerful teachers. Let it all out. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s euphoric. This is what healing feels like.

Whatever you release during this time is gone forever. Even if it’s just a little bit, that can have an enormous ripple effect like a stone skipped across a lake. The beauty of Breathwork is that you can go as deep as you want to. Like Reiki, it will complement and enhance any other healing you may already be doing. It will never harm, because it is from you.

By the end of a Breathwork session, you will feel transported. Lighter. Open. Awake. It’s a physical, spiritual and emotional experience like no other. And it’s all from YOUR breath, something you do every day unconsciously. A power that you have always possessed – how amazing is that?! And how perfect. True medicine always comes from the self. We are given everything we need on this earth to heal ourselves – plants, stones and minerals, water, sun, our minds and our breath. It truly, and beautifully, that simple.

After my first Breathwork experience, I knew I had to find out more. How to tap into the incredible energy that filled the room. Underneath all of the energies of release, there was love. Even though we were each undergoing our own journeys individually, we were doing it together. The spirit of connection in that room was undeniable. It shook me up and gave me a way to access parts of myself I had never seen. It opened me to a world where I wasn’t afraid to go deep. Going deep is what most people are truly after, even if it scares them. There is a reason humans seek thrills and like to live life on the edge. We want to feel fully alive. We crave catharsis. We are emotional, powerful beings who are meant to express ourselves.

At every circle I’ve been part of, people have inspired me with their bravery and willingness to go deep. It is why I love the group energies of Breathwork. That spirit of love and connection has been there every time, because whenever you do healing of any kind Spirit always shows up. I understand myself so much more since I came to this practice. I have come to a new awareness and realizations about my life and what I need to do. The direction I need to go in next. All by breathing consciously. It’s rather amazing.