Love & Lunacy With Fertile Ground

We began our Fertile Ground community in Deborah’s living room in Brooklyn nearly two years ago. MINKA has become the perfect home for our ceremonies as it blends urban life with sacred reality. Since our first ceremony, we have grown into a sweet and loving community. Women are naturally attracted to the changing cycles of the moon phases just like the changing cycles in our bodies. The lunar wisdoms forever teach us about this transformative process of becoming and unfolding. The New and Full Moon hold particular energies that mark a time in the calendar to be in reflection and contemplation. In the New Moon we plant seeds of intention; in the Full Moon we step into her honest and intense light to claim our lives as they are. Each ceremony is crafted to support nature's deep teachings in relationship to modern day living.

We celebrate the New Moon to mark a cycle in time with honor and reverence for whatever we are sitting with or chewing on in our lives. The New Moon is an auspicious time of the cycle for setting intentions, connecting deeply to your desires and re-assessing with loving wisdom where you get to let go. Since there is no light, you are invited to turn deep within and tap into your intuitive sense and desires. These monthly Fertile Ground ceremonies are connecting women with each other and with a deep aspect of themselves. Through meditation, movement practices and ritual we have an opportunity to tap into our inner voice and essence.

The Full Moon ceremony is the culmination of the energy and intention set from the New Moon. The Full moon asks us to really look at ourselves and see our limitations and successes with loving eyes. We gather together in ritual as a formal way to mark our efforts, big or small. We sit in community to honor what is happening in our lives each moon cycle. There is no hiding in the shadows rather we get to claim our existence in our lives, and in this universe.

Each month is an opportunity to be in relationship to Mother Nature’s great cycles and teachings. As we gather in circle in bustling Brooklyn, we get to remember ALL the women who have and still do gather in honor of divine feminine wisdom. We keep the old ways alive each month.

Join Deborah & Nicole for their next New Moon Ceremony at MINKA on November 28th from 7:30-9pm. Email or to reserve your spot!