Mercury in Retrograde...

Mercury is in retrograde August 30 – September 21 in the zodiac sign Virgo. Let’s get right into the specifics of what to expect and how to deal with Mercury retrograde in Virgo.

Mercury in Virgo is Powerful

Mercury is in one of the two signs it has rulership over.  When a planet is in a zodiac sign it rules it is literally at home.  It’s in a strong position; anything it says goes.  Mercury is the planet of communication, logic, and information processes. When at home in Gemini, an air sign, Mercury is very social and concerned with learning and sharing information but not the details.  However, in Virgo, an earth sign, Mercury is more grounded and purposeful. Mercury is much more detailed, analytical, and even scrutinizing when it comes to applying logic, sharing information, and creating processes and systems to move information around.

Imagine you are staying with a friend at his home for a few weeks and shortly after you arrive you notice he is drinking 2 bottles of wine a every day.  Since it’s  his home there really isn’t anything you can do about it you just have to roll with the punches. The impact of daily drinking makes your friend hard to understand, prone to changing his mind, he forgets to tell you important information, and then divulges relevant facts  at the last-minute forcing you to scramble to make the best use of the information.  He’s not totally incompetent but he definitely isn’t reliable or easy to deal with.  Welcome to Mercury Retrograde in Virgo.

Your Perfect Plan isn’t as Perfect as You Thought

During Leo season (the month prior to Virgo Season) it’s possible you experienced a boost in creative energy, came up with some lucrative ideas, or connected with the right people to help bring your vision to life.  As we enter Virgo season, the focus moves into perfecting those ideas and connections in order to create something tangible and profitable. It’s time to move from the idea stage into the initiation or growth stage using hard-work, focus, and analysis to get the best results.  With Mercury being in retrograde for most of Virgo season you will likely experience snags in your plans, miscommunications, and possibly changes in direction.

You May Not be Flawless but You are Getting There

Virgo governs the sector of life dealing with health and daily rituals– it helps us set up our daily routines, structures and responsibilities in an effective and efficient way.  Retrograde will force you to get serious about your health and discern if there are more effective ways to be of service or assistance to others. During retrograde, don’t be surprised if health issues come to light.   You could find yourself examining your daily routines related diet, sleep, and exercise or taking a trip to the doctor to make sure your heath is on track.  There could also be some tension, misunderstandings, or miscommunications when dealing with clients, subordinates, or people you have to  interact with for work  or serve/assist daily to get a job done.  Since Mercury in Virgo is typically factual, prepared, and detailed it could come as a shock when a misstep, wrong information, or breakdown in communication comes to light.  My best advice is to quadruple check, clarify,  double verify,  follow-up sooner than later and most importantly be flexible and adaptable when dealing with a snafu.

Practitioner Highlight: Carolyn Agis

Hello from resident Tarot reader and teacher at MINKA! 

When asked to share some info about myself and the work that I do, I didn't quite know where to start. And then I thought of one of my favorite children's book, "Alice in Wonderland," where Alice is wisely advised to "start at the beginning and when you get to the end...stop."

The beginning is that I have a special gift: I love connecting with other others and hearing their story. It really became evident as a teenager bagging groceries at Whole Foods and spending way too much time with customers by their cars as they spilled their life story. My brother compares me to a device with every sort of plugin and port that you can imagine. No matter how you connect, I somehow have a way to connect with you.

This potential to connect is what is known as the suit of cups in the Tarot. It is the foundation for the work that I do as a Tarot reader and flower essence therapist. I am the King of Cups in the Tarot and this is a card that enjoys being grounded in the deep waters and helping others navigate their own course of action. The flower essences were a natural progression from the Tarot, as it allows a querent (the individual receiving the Tarot reading) to assimilate the Tarot's medicine through flower medicine. In other words, it is a means to expand the alchemy that is also known as your healing.

The Tarot and the flower essences are both systems to better know yourself and be a conscious creator of your reality. I integrate these as well as the tangible tools of yoga, crystals, mantras, and meditation to help you assimilate the information you need to become who you truly are.