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I am an awakened mystic and healer.

I am also a proud father, who lives in Lefferts Garden, and mentors many light workers throughout New York City.

My healing work is guided each moment by  divine consciousness.

I offer spiritual readings(In a zero variance*).

The akashic readings I offer,  connect a person to the mystical threads of their many real past life incarnations.

I work as a medium of departed souls, in a very guided and truly intuitive way, to help people bridge the gap between their hearts and the many real people in their lives, who have crossed over to spirit.

I am a Four Element reiki master, and offer reiki in each session.

The reiki works to clear negative energy fields, quiet the mind, and open the breath of the Bodhisattvic heart.

I am also a medical intuit, and can be regarded as a highly trained listener to the subtle energetic body of the breathings of the physical experience.

*(A zero variance is veins to the akashic records, of the library of all soul’s lives)

My twin flame, Nyarzelia, offers healing in the same energetic variance, though in a completely different way. We are available for joint sessions to help individuals and couples.