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Clarity Breathwork Sessions:

$220 (2-hour per session)

3-Session pack $570 ($190/session) .

5-Session pack $900 ($180/session)

Each session includes 1 hour of spiritual support/inquiry followed by 1 hour of powerful circular connected breathwork to embody and release stuck energy, false beliefs or emotions that need to move. Affirmations, sound healing, light touch and guided facilitation throughuout.

It is highly encouraged to invest in a series to see the greatest results. I am always available by email/phone in between sessions for further support.

Breast Health Mentorship: $220-$360 sliding scale (3 session series)

Get support to live more green, understand the hormone puzzle and learn the main staples of easy breast health. Supports Traditional Medicine and is a preventative program not a stand alone program for anyone dealing with Breast Issues. We will look at your current life style and find ways of integrating breast health lifestyle options that compliment your current life so there is ease and grace in making healthier shift. It is much more easy than you think. Gain peace of mind, if you have breast issues in your genetics or learn to support others going thru challenges or simply improve your awareness and health:). Minimum of 3 sessions. Breathwork and emotional support included. Sliding Scale (pay what feels right!) Email and phone support between sessions included. 

Tantric Embodiment Mentor Sessions:

Initial session $150 (1.5 hours)

Follow up sessions $110(1 hour) or 3 Session package  $300

Learn tantric breathwork practices to cultivate your life force energy and have a more integrated experience and understanding of the power of your sacred sensuality to transform and cultivate the goodness within. Learn basic tantric technique to circulate energy in the body and re-connect your heart with your pelvis to activate higher consciousness, unlimited energy and true self love. Learn meditations to clear past lovers and relationships, welcome in new ones and find the ultimate lover inside of yourself. YOU! Homework practices, as well as reading and writing assignments and energy work complement these sessions.

 This is a non-sexual and clothed experience. Singles or those in relationship all benefit as well as any humans of any sexual persuasion or gender identity. Email and phone support between sessions included. 

Aylen Lyra Doucette is a part-time 22 year New Yorker, who travels frequently to Costa Rica (, her second home, Colombia-the home of her master teachers and most recently Bali, where she studied Kundalini Dance and breathwork. 

She is certified in Yoga, Life Coaching, and Clarity Breathwork. ( as well as being a Healthy Breast Educator, a naturopathic protocol blended with Kundalini Yoga for breast cancer prevention and healthier lifestyle. ( And she is a long time student of Tantra Yoga.

She is a 12 year student of the 5 Rhythms and Silent Meditation based in the work of Osho, as well as working with indigenous healers in the power of prayer and healing music for over 10 years.

Her passion is in grounding the spirit into the body to be aligned with goodness here on Earth, in NYC, at this potent time in history, and to live in aligment and intention with our deepest soul callings that embrace this urban landscape.

Breathwork is the foundation of all her work.  Tantra, the fusion of the masculine and feminine energies within, and the art of awakening that blesses the body and the human experience as divine, is the devotion of her offerings. Mother Earth is her great teacher and master healer.

She loves Brooklyn her home off and on for the last 10 years. 

She believes that music and movement, fueled by the power of breath and intention is one of the greatest healers, ever.

Grateful to Life.