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Services offered: Business Development, Career Coaching 


1hr Creative Consult 

12 Week Invitation to Influence Business Development Program for Artists + Healers

3hr Power Up

Website: angelamulligan.com

Email: Angela@AngelaMulligan.com 

Phone: 845-233-1562

Instagram: angelamulligan

Angela Mulligan

Angela develops over-extended, underpaid and admittedly unorganized artists and healers into well-paid meaning-makers. Over the course of 12 weeks through one-on-one weekly meetings and daily support clients: solve problems, acquire resources, make decisions and gain connections, and are able to: 

Champion their cause. Amplify their message. Connect with the clients that need them. Multiply their income. Create the next economy. Master their own time and schedule. Define their own version of success. Make wise and strategic business decisions for lasting success. Excommunicate diminishing beliefs. Make a meaningful life. Live their purpose. Rock the system. 

Clients thinking about working with Angela should ask themselves: How would it feel to be making meaningful income as the champion of my message? What is keeping me from having the impact I want to be having on the world? How could I impact the world if I had the right sustained support, organization and direction? Am I ready to invest in myself and be creating the world that I believe in?

Angela is OBSESSED with amplifying the good work of her clients. She transforms good intentions into world-changing, sustainable, meaningful and supportive work. A slayer of indecision, insecurity and tiny thoughts, she helps clients live BIG and step into their full expression. 

Her past projects include: tripling the income of Jeffrey McMahon Design + Build through tenacious organization and strategy, increasing the community connected to Willow Wisp Organic Farm by a factor of ten with her sales and marketing savvy, influencing hundreds while developing communication and networking at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, starting and running a successful small-batch kombucha production operation, producing a documentary in Morocco, collecting data in French Polynesia for publication, living in nothing but a tent for over a year and sailing a catamaran on a self-directed voyage of the South Pacific. She brings all of this experience, know-how and creative problem solving for production to every client's work.