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Services Offered: Organizational Consulting, Unconventional Career Coaching, Business + Self Development 

Packages: 1/3/6/12 hr bundles for one-on-one sessions 

Website: angelamulligan.com

Email: Angela@AngelaMulligan.com 

Phone: 845-233-1562

Instagram: angelamulligan

About Angela Mulligan


Angela Mulligan works with creative professionals and entrepreneurs to help them align their lives with their vision, streamlining their decision making process so that they can move forward efficiently and effectively towards he world they are creating. 

As the executive assistant to the Chief Creative Officer at The Assemblage, organizational consultant to private clients and unconventional career coach, Angela has always been passionate about understanding the ins and outs of what makes satisfying, productive work that is alignment with ones values.

She started out training as an engineer and ecologist at Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Florida, where she developed my abilities in applying diligent processes to obtain calculable results. Committed to her own well-rounded growth, after graduation she wanted to go deeper off the grid and away from the status quo of a typical career path and took courses in wellness and spirituality while living as a member of the intentional community at The Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. Here Angela obtained an obsessive zeal for conscious communication and embedded the principles of practicing deep listening and loving speech into the fiber of her being.

Bringing it all together, working with big profile creatives and emerging start-up entrepreneurs, she can be found happily applying her trained left-brain thinking to provide the clear structure and process that allows her client's to reach their creative and financial goals faster; bringing them from idea to done. Angela's clients have been featured in Entrepreneur Inc., The New York Times, DVEIGHT and countless others.

Clients thinking about working with Angela should ask themselves: How would it feel to be making meaningful income as the champion of my message? What is keeping me from having the impact I want to be having on the world? How could I impact the world if I had the right sustained support, organization and direction?